To kick off my first post for 2015, I’d love to outline what is happening in “Play with Food” land this year.

Mondays will be Playgroup day in Rouse Hill Regional Park from 10am.  This is an informal get together to talk about kids and food.  I run a few activities for the kids based on the standard Play with Food programs.  I also bring my girls along.  I provide the fruits and vegies for a small fee. Email me for more information about this:

Saturdays will be my morning for classes.  More details about our February toddler and preschooler programs will be available in the next few weeks.  Our regular programs are a systematic and wholistic approach to improving the range of fruits and vegies that your child eats.  The routines, preparation methods and ideas that you get from this program are valuable tools for you to take home to your dinner tables. Read more here!

Fridays will be dedicated to joint ventures, day care centre programs, programs for private clients and community health projects.  I have a few of these in the works at the moment which I am very excited about.  If you know a day care centre that may be interested in my programs – see more information here & SHARE my page!  If you are a health professional interested in teaming up – see my information for health professionals here.

Other days I work on content for my other projects, the blog and will pop some of this on Facebook too.  This all runs around my family commitments.  If you have suggestions on what you would love to see more or less of on my blog or facebook pages leave me a comment below!  My monthly blog content challenge this year is to do the first thing I see on my pinterest feed (no matter what it is) and give it my own creative spin & hopefully a fruit or vegetable twist too.  

(Last year’s challenge is all under the category – 2014 Cooking Challenge – which you can access via the Blog tab in the header menu)

 January’s first thing from my pinterest feed is “Edible Paint”.   This is how it looked from my phone (screen shot).

2015 Creative Challenge by Play with Food

The first thing I saw on my pinterest feed in Jan 2015 …

I have already re-created the edible paints activity with my girls and will put up our results & my vegie twist to this activity on the blog later this week!

Wishing you a cracking start to your new year.  May 2015 be filled with wonderful times for you and your family.

x Simone

PS – in the menu you will find the link to my pinterest boards.  Please follow me and if I follow you back you may find me doing one of your pins this year!  OR comment below with a pinterest board you think I should follow!


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