For parents of fussy eaters there are a few things they just don’t want to hear and are constantly bombarded with them – here’s a link to 9 things NOT to say to a parent of a fussy eater.

I am a strong believer that there is not a one size fits all when it comes to foods – we all have preferences.   The main goal that I talk to parents about is that the goal for your child is to be eating family food.  This means different things to different people.  This is the goal that people work towards on the Happy Mealtimes eCourse.  We start by looking at goals and then working towards families eating the same foods.  This also means that our goals of eating the same foods start with breakfast. The event of breakfast is not just about the food. It’s about setting the family up for the day ahead. Foods can come in a box/packet/vegie draw/tin/fruit bowl/freezer/fridge (wherever!) and provide great nutrition, social connection at the mealtime and solution to solving the pressing need of fuelling our bodies for the day ahead. Foods appeal to different people in different ways.  So, I am excited about going on a breakfast journey with you to increase variety, repertoire and enhance the eating experience.

I also had to share this video by Mandy from LPN.  She so rightly puts it – spend your money where you want to and the manufacturers will listen.  (Mandy is also the co-host of our Happy Mealtimes eCourse – just in case you thought she looked familiar).  If you are worred about the health of the food your child eats, I’d love for you to take this challenge with us all about increasing variety.

As consumers, we do need to be mindful of reading the labels, understand when a marketing gimmick is actually a gimmick and also cater for our family’s taste preferences.  (And sometimes we are trying to do this whilst stopping a 4 year old and 2 year old from tearing every Disney princess magazine off from the shelf – not you?  – Ahhh that must just be me then.)  So, it’s not surprising we go back to our favourite foods, items “on special” and conveniently packaged and marketed goods.  I get it!  We also have a budget, a worry of food rejection and a limited amount of sleep that we are somehow surviving on.

So, with that, I’m embarking on a free challenge – 9 ways out of the fussy eater’s breakfast rut – delivered straight to your inbox.  It will include 9 different ways to bring variety to the brekkie bowl and evidence-based information on helping a fussy eater out of a food rut.

Sign-up to the challenge here!

Disclaimer: The feeding information that I provide throught this challenge and on the blog is general in nature and based on my training and experience.  As always, seek individual attention for your feeding concerns or contact me via email on simone(at) if you have any questions.

If this challenge interests you, you may also enjoy this article on “how donuts pave the way to healthy eating”.  We will be using a similar approach of introducing new foods and variety to increase the acceptance of healthy food into the dietary repertoire.

x Simone


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