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Preschool Peer Pressure and the Sandwich

Eating New Foods in the Group Environment | Kylie from Kidgredients guest posts on Play with Food

Guest blogger Kylie from Kidgredients spills the beans on how her little man made peace with the humble sandwich! Over a year ago I wrote a blog post on Kidgredients about the fact that my son wouldn’t eat a sandwich and how I personally completely understood that.  But here I am a year later, writing a post about why he now happily eats a sandwich and what I think clicked for him.  I’m calling this: Preschool Peer Pressure and the…

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Got Dairy? Specialty Cheeses from Aussie Farmers Direct | Play with Food

Got Dairy?

February 19, 2017 By

The dairy food group (including dairy alternatives) is important for children to have included in their everyday diet as a terrific source of calcium.  Children up to the age…

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