Babies and Food Workshop

The Babies and Food workshop has been designed for parents and their babies to attend. The aim is to discuss feeding strategies for children between 0 and 24 mths of age.  This is more than your typical “starting solids” workshop.  This helps you make sure you are understanding feeding milestones, learning about the psychological, oral motor and sensory skill development of the first two years of your child’s feeding journey.

The class is hands on and aimed at giving you a fun, informative session that equips you to enjoy mealtimes with your child.  The classes are facilitated by Simone Emery.

Continuing Solids Past First Tastes by Simone Emery

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • What is the Developmental Food Continuum and how does that compare to Baby Led Weaning and Parent Led Weaning approaches.
  • Examples of Foods from the Developmental Food Continuum Stages
  • Ergonomics of Feeding Baby
  • Drinking from a Cup
  • Why Embrace the Mess of Feeding Babies?
  • Cognitive Leaps and Fussiness
  • Where to Go to Learn More and light refreshment

The workshop includes a comprehensive workbook, food demonstrations, equipment demonstrations and recipes.

Please contact me via email, Simone[at]playwithfood.com.au, with your date, venue and number of people attending to arrange a quote.  Prices range from $50 – $75 pp depending on Sydney area location.

If you need assistance with finding a venue for your group, I can assist with this too.

If you are a venue owner or community group wishing to run this program, I am more than happy to send you a quote too.

This program can also be tailored to shopping centers as a walking tour and demonstration showcasing your retailers.




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