Signature 4-8 week Program

My signature program is “Breaking Down Barriers to Eating Through Play“.  This program is a journey for parents and children wanting to have some fun and learn about how to get to happy family meals.  The program is a unique blend of fun activities and feeding therapy concepts for either toddlers or preschoolers.  I can deliver this program in a setting of your choice if you have a minimum of 4 children interested.  The aim of this program is to see your child over a period of 4-8 weeks (whatever is feasible for your group and budget). This program is perfect for fussy eaters (picky eaters), children with a fruit and/or vegetable aversion, parents wanting to know more about why their children’s eating behaviour is the way it is, children on the autism spectrum that want to participate in a group food class and any child that may want some extra exposures to foods.

This program is not a substitute for feeding therapy that is recommended for children exhibiting any of these red flags. It will compliment a childs experiences at therapy, a day care centre program about eating and generally assist with the usual functional goals we have when raising our children – language building, executive function skills, play (imagination), physical movement and relationship building.  Here is more information about knowing the difference between fussy eating and problem feeding.

Routine and structure is important for children so that they feel comfortable in class.  Our routine includes gross motor exercises, songs, theme setting, sensory exploration, preparing to eat, play with food activities, clean-up time and end of class routines. These classes go for 45 min.  All the routines are directly transferable to the home environment and a workbook is provided to parents so that they can do just that.

Sensory Exploration is one of the first elements in our routines.  Here is an example of a sensory exploration activity from one of my classes.  You will notice that we encourage participation to a level the child is comfortable with and also use this time for language building.

This video is a typical Play with Food activity using Brussels Sprouts. This game is to encourage the children to interact with Brussels sprouts and move them up the “Steps to Eating Hierarchy” (as per Dr Kay Toomey’s Model)

To see the full Brussels Sprout blog post – click here.

If arranging this program sounds ideal for your group, please email me for more information – Simone(at)playwithfood.com.au.

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