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It was so exciting to attend the book launch for Mandy Dos Santos’ first picture book “At My Family Table”. I have loved watching Mandy’s journey via her facebook page and chatting to her about the book as it was going through the ins and outs of publishing. And when she had tears roll down her cheek at the book launch in thanks for an amazing support crew she’s had along the publishing journey, I could have burst with pride.

She keeps it real and if you’ve started “Goodbye Picky Eating with Simone Emery” – you see how a family meal pans out behind the scenes at her house in module 2. She is a food-lover, earth-lover and family-lover through and through.

At My Family Table by Mandy Dos Santos - A book review

Beautifully illustrated kids picture book with a timeless message about nourishing your soul and your bowl at the family table.

So, the book!?

It has rhyme. It has meal time. It has family food. Puts you in a good mood.

My kids have loved curling up in my lap and talking about the different families in the book. We get a glimpse of family meals from Australia, China, Brazil and Greece. We see different families. We see different foods. We see the same smiles at the family table.

“The book was written to start a conversation between parents/educators and children about food family and the world” – Mandy

The illustrations by Kancy Ho are beautiful and capture the foods, smiles and everyday interactions of these families.

I can’t recommend the book enough. It’s perfect if you are also trying to encourage more mealtimes together with your family. If you feel your kids would benefit from learning about some new foods via a picture book – which happens to be a great first step to help open up conversations about food variety.

Book launch food for At My Family Table

The amazing spread of foods that were waiting for us to learn about at the book launch!

In Mandy’s selfless way she wouldn’t let us leave the day without a full belly, craft for the kids to do (reiterating the #atmyfamilytable message, a good sing-song with the kids, an author reading AND some extra copies of her book to giveaway!

At my family table book review by Simone Emery

Verity at the At My Family Table book launch with her crafty version of her favourite meal. Apparently she loves “Gluey Fish and Gluey Peas” (in her words) 🙂

How to get your hands on a copy….

Mandy is on the look out for more bricks and motar stores to distribute her book! She is already in one on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. WOOT WOOT! However, it may be easy for you at this point in time to get it direct from her at this link here:

While you are there, have a look at the awesome food education / cooking class incursions that she does and her array of simple recipe videos designed for you to cook along with your littlies / or even let them have a crack at by themselves.

Giveaway Details

I have 2 copies of the family picture book, At My Family Table, to give away. Here’s the kicker though, as I can only post the books within Australia, I can only have 2 winners from Australia. The book embraces many countries and I want this competition to as well. So, please enter if you are from overseas and I will email you an electronic copy of my books – Allergy Free Afternoon Tea and Healthy Rainbow Party Plan. I will keep drawing winners from the competition until 2 Aussie entries claim the two books. This could mean I give away many copies of my books electronically for free.  Please share this book review around and let’s see how far around-the-world our message spreads.
At My Family Table Book Giveaway


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