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Picky Eater Skype Play Date

Skype Fussy Eater Play Date by Play with Food

Take a behind the scenes look at one of my online picky eater consultations, affectionately known as a Skype play dates .  I have filmed this play date with Karin from the blog Calm to Conniption. Karin writes an honest mummy blog, knows the mummy trenches well and celebrates all the best parts too.

What does my fussy eater help via Skype look like?

A Skype play date is my unique, playful way of helping stressed out parents get some one-on-one and tailored eating assistance with their kids. I hop on Skype (with or without my kids) along with a platter of our pre-arranged food list (some preferred foods and some goal foods). We converse in the lead up to the play date so that I can pick a best fit menu for you. Ultimately, the foods are tailored to your child’s preference and your goal foods.

During the session I keenly observe your child’s approach to foods, in particular how they respond to and how they opt-out of challenging situations. We have a great time trying out these new foods!

This is what the Skype session for fussy eaters looks like behind the scenes at my place (featuring my 2 little girls):

This is what the Skype session for fussy eaters looked like at Karin’s place with her 2 kiddos:

What happens after the Skype fussy eater play date?

I send an email or give you a phone call to chat about my observations. I should also mention that you get access to the “Goodbye Picky Eating with Simone Emery” in advance. It is recommended for you to complete the first 3 modules (eating competence, family meals and fussy eating) before our Skype play date so that we are all on the same page during the follow up phone call / email. My aim is to give you my top 3 tools to make a difference as soon as possible to the happiness of your mealtimes.

Some examples of the immediate actions may include giving you a specific opt-out strategy that I can see will work for your child, some specific pointers on foods, mealtime language tools to use and some environmental cue adaptations. Much of the time, it’s not about the specific food that we need to work on – it’s often something else that is the root cause of your family’s mealtime woes.

This Skype fussy eater play date is also a great sense check if you aren’t sure if your child needs additional assistance. This is my blog post on how to know when to get help for your fussy eater.

If you had to choose goal foods for a play date, what would you choose?



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