If you are looking for a book to assist with general fussy eating (picky eating), I like “From Picky to Powerful: The Mindset, Strategies and Know-How you need to Empower Your Picky Eater”.  It is written by American Feeding Author, Maryann Jacobsen.

The book starts out delivering some well researched information about why fussy eating can become an issue at about the age of 2 for typically developing children.  It also includes some great strategies, positive mindset ideas and busy parent hacks to get to happy mealtimes.  I would have loved to have seen more information on the sensory system components of eating and a bit more information on deciding whether or not your child is a fussy or problem feeder.  However, I have that covered for you in this post: “When do you get help for your fussy eater?”)

What do I like:

  1. She has been through it all herself with her own children and I can totally relate to her stories of being in the mummy trenches and striving to find a meal plan to suit everyone without specifically short-order cooking for anyone.
  2. She includes links and reference to evidence based literature.
  3. She includes tales from other mothers that have also been through the trials and tribulations of having problem feeders or fussy eaters. It shows the decision tree that some parents had to take and how when they sought expert assistance they realised they had more of a problem feeder on their hands (I wished they had read my article above or this one about the 9 things you shouldn’t say to a parent of a fussy eater. They may have sought help sooner.)

I have added the affiliate link here to help you shop for this book on Amazon and read more about it for yourself. Disclaimer: I paid full price for the book before I decided to set up an affiliate account with Amazon. The affiliate link means that you don’t pay anything additional for this eBook but I do earn a tiny commission if you do purchase through this link.

Do you have any books or services that you would like me to review in 2017?

Some of my previous reviews include the JJ Rabbit Dinnerware, The Busy Mums Store Dinnerware, Dr Kristy’s Book – Raising your child in a digital world and The BugaBees Friends with Food Allergies children’s picture book.
I am hoping to make this blog a very comprehensive site for tools and information about fussy eating…. So, please definitely comment on anything you would like reviewed!

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