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I am so happy to have Carmel from The Busy Mum’s Store here to answer some questions for our readers today.  Carmel designed and arranged the manufacture of her own range of educational  dinnerware. Carmel sells her high quality dinnerware at fetes and markets around the Melbourne area (Australia).  I am so impressed with her ability to balance family life and her market stall commitments.

Disclaimer: Carmel once provided me with a set of the dinnerware for my daughter as a gift.


Simone’s review of the Busy Mum’s Store dinnerware:

Having tangible language prompts at mealtimes engages your child in the mealtime process.  This dinnerware provides many avenues for prompting language development from early on:

1– 3 years ·       Colour recognition

·       Digit and food colour matching

3– 4 years ·       Number recognition

·       Number of food items

3-7 years ·       Addition and subtraction equations, also include food (eg. 3 peas -2 peas= 1 pea)
5 + years ·       Multiplication and division equations

·       Making visual representations of sets and arrays


The ergonomics of the dinnerware is also appropriate for growing kids.  As your child learns to drink from an open cup, a cup they can hold easily with a gentle angle for gradual tipping is essential.  A large dinner plate is also a great idea so that children can see their food.  Food refusal is more common, If food is cluttered or overwhelming.. This plate has a generous 25cm diameter.  A bowl with high sides assists a child to use cutlery as they develop their motor skills. The high edges let them leverage the food onto the utensil better which is great for mixed texture foods like saucy pasta or vegetables mixed with rice.

The dinnerware is 100% melamine making it durable, dishwasher safe and BPA free!

The Busy Mum’s Store also stocks easy to clean, educational placemats from UK’s “little wigwam”.  Read more:

Product 2 plate pinkA bit more about Carmel’s motivation:

“When my kids were at an age that they no longer wanted to eat off childish bowls with “princesses” or “trains” there wasn’t much on the market to offer to them as an alternative that wasn’t too expensive.    I then started to think about designs that kids might like and thought “what do all kids love to do? – learn!”  And that is where the inspiration for our high quality dinner ware for kids arose.  I also sourced a manufacturer of excellent quality educational place mats that complement my dinnerware.”

To view Carmel’s range please visit

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