Core Stability and Fussy Eating

It can be hard to draw the line between sensory processing as a root cause for fussy eating behaviour and more physical limitations that impact on food reception, including core stability. It is difficult because the difference is inferred from observation. Both core stability and sensory processing can manifest themselves with similar triggers that only […]

Will a Tonsillectomy or Adenoidectomy Help Your Fussy Eater?

The root cause of fussy eating is a big kettle of fish! Health professionals investigate root causes with parents first-off-the bat because … if you don’t know why something is happening, how are you meant to understand / help it? Parents didn’t start MAKING their children turn their nose up at food! #Truth. Is there […]

10 Reasons Your Picky Eater Is Still Not Eating Family Style Meals

The Ellyn Satter Division of Responsibility (DOR) model accumulates the essence of feeding research and presents family meal dynamics with responsibility lines drawn in the sand. Ellyn Satter’s model is pervasive throughout feeding research and it is PRACTICAL for families to follow.  The family meal model gets talked about constantly in our Parenting Picky Eaters facebook […]

When BLW didn’t go as I planned {Guest Post}

I love getting other mummy perspectives on feeding their kids here on the blog… especially when you throw in Cristin’s humorous tale of putting all her faith in one parenting strategy, baby led weaning.  I love baby led weaning AND I love purees – I talk all about why it’s not a mutually exclusive decision […]

Finding Your Way When You Don’t Know the Cray-Cray Way {Uncertainty}

There are many things that are certain in parenting. Uncertainty is definitely one of them. Most people would say it’s far from the best feeling in the world. This series (starting today – ta da!) is aimed at bettering your perspective on it, especially if you have uncertainty when it comes to feeding your kids. […]

Fussy Children Relying on Milk Before Bed

Evening routines with children often start out with children having a feed (aka milk) just before going down for the night. This can sometimes turn into a habit. For some fussy eaters, it turns into a negotiating tool. Or a parents safety net / fall back. Possibly it’s become a main part of a child’s […]

Mouth Pain (Teething) and Fussy Eating Behaviours

Pain in the mouth area comes in many forms for kids – From teething to wobbly teeth. From mouth ulcers to scratches on the roof of their mouth. From a burnt tongue to a swollen bitten inside cheek. Kids have a host of root causes for mouth pain even before dental issues, sickness or accidents (like falling and […]

5 things I wish I knew when my child started solids {as told by a nutritionist}

If I could go back and ask myself 5 simple questions before starting my oldest daughter on solids 6 years ago, these are the questions. If I had the clarity around these points, I mightn’t have fallen into the common areas of feeding overwhelm that so many of us do on our first time around. I […]

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