Smurfy Berry Juice with Free Printable Game

We were inspired from our play in Smurf Village at a nearby shopping centre AND the #getcreativewith challenge this week to make you a FREE printable game including a recipe for “smurfy berry juice”. You can download your colour-in, play and make smurfy berry juice game sheet here.   This sheet is yours to colour-in […]

What’s A Gruffalo? {Food Play Routine to Help Picky Eaters}

Join us as we travel into a deep dark wood. We meet a mouse with a nut that looks good. We step into the turned-out toes of the gruffalo and see what foods he can learn about. This is a bit of a “behind the scenes” look at one of my popular lesson plans for […]

Painting kids clothes using acrylic paints and a fruit theme

How to turn a paint-ruined shirt into a wearable fruit-inspired artwork. Alternatively, you may like to argue we turned it into an even more paint-ruined shirt. 🙂 Either way, this is a picture based tutorial about painting kids clothes with acrylic paint. It was such a fun kids craft activity for us to increase non-mealtime fruit exposures. […]

Making fun sweet potato crackers with children

Cooking with kids is one of many ways to interact with foods outside of the mealtime. Plus it is fantastic to exercise EXECUTIVE FUNCTION SKILLS. The benefits include building their familiarity with foods and increasing their acceptance of them WITHOUT pressure to eat. These sweet potato crackers (or should I say “quackers”) were fun to […]

Stress-Free Creative Play with Food

Please welcome Shannon from Oh Creative Day to the Play with Food blog – teacher, mumma, crafter and witty-instagram-comment-maker! I get it. Art and craft activities with kids can be time-consuming and messy. Add food into this mix and it creates the potential for a whole new level of stress and chaos. Today I’m here […]

4 very last minute Easter gift ideas … It’s not too late!

The Easter bunny may be hopping around the globe now, but you can still get some nifty ideas to co-view, make, read or enjoy with your kids on Easter day that help their learning too. Sometimes its about presence and not presents …. well that’s what I’m telling my kids anyway ;p  Or in other […]

Super Sweet Potato Ideas for Kids

Every now and then I do a round-up of ideas relating to a specific fruit or vegetable.  Kids need lots of learning language tools to help them build familiarity and vocabulary for everything, including being able to explain their food world. These sweet potato ideas will provide lots of pressure-free language stimulation. Some previous specific […]

Turn Your Child’s Monster Drawing into a Halloween Vegie Platter

Kids art work is exploding in my house!  It’s sometimes hard to think of another purpose for it. Although I didn’t grow up with Halloween, it’s definitely making an impact in the Australian retail scene and (of course) Pinterest is exploding with ideas leading up to the day.  So, there’s no surprise that my daughter […]

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