Bite Size Magazine = Fun Food Exposures

Instagram is connecting me with some amazing resources!  I bought copy of the spring edition of Bite Size Magazine for $6.95 last week and was so impressed I thought I would do up this little review on how it can help primary schooler’s learn about new foods.  Food exposures don’t have to always be physical! […]

Ellie’s Cooking Show: Episode 2: Kohlrabi Flatbreads

We cooked this LIVE in August 2016.  Here is the link to our nom cast for Kohlrabi Flat Breads.  Ellie has some golden moments today insisting that Kohlrabi is a fruit. Why do I love getting kids in the kitchen? From a really young age, the point of cooking with kids and letting them see […]

Cookie Cups

For feeding therapy this week I had an adventurous request of me, to make “master chef style domes”.  I do believe this was in an attempt to see me dismally fail at tempering chocolate or simply wanting some favourite food, Chocolate.  Yet, I also believe the requests are a little open to my interpretation. So, […]

The Lure of the Skewer

Skewers offer us a delightful way to engage with kids about foods.  They bring to the table a couple of properties (besides nutrition) that kids thrive on CONTROL (Choice), CREATIVITY (Choice) and BOUNDARIES.  The boundaries of the task are to put different things onto a skewer.  They are allowed to go right up to those […]

Play with Pears for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Pears have inspired this week’s play, reading and food.  I see a very positive and healthy link between play and food.  I love introducing themes and concepts to my classes and my family and see where the children then take them.  Play matters on so many levels for children.  Play is how they learn about […]

Turning imperfect meals around

The stress of everyday life seems to bubble over at the end of the day when dinner time goes pear-shaped. The kids are tired, you are tired and the list of jobs you have to do just to get the meal finished seems endless. Stress and negativity can soon spiral out of control and we […]

Food Ideas for Counting Down To Christmas

If you have been following my Instagram account (@playwithfood_au) you would probably have noticed the Christmas count down tasks on my feed.  The printable that you get free when you subscribe to my newsletter is full of fun daily tasks for you to do with the kids and packed full of my golden fussy eater tips.  You […]

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