Sensory Processing Difficulties and Trying New Foods (Especially Vegetables)

A key foundation for working with and parenting picky eaters is understanding their WHY. A generic list of actions is not necessarily going to help if you don’t understand why your picky eater is behaving the way that they are, especially around their “tricky” foods. One key element that I often write about is sensory […]

Why kids can be so picky about eating meat {Uncertainty}

Last week, I asked the wonderful parents over on our private Facebook group (Parenting Picky Eaters) about what foods their children prefer. I was not to surprised that chicken nuggets, scrambled egg, mince (in the form of lasagne & Bolognese) and sausages were the only meat (or meat alternatives) that our parents listed. So, I’m […]

{Guest Post} I don’t want your advice

Last year, I wrote this very popular blog post listing 9 things not to say to a parent of a fussy eater.  Soon after, I connected with Libby. She had posted a raw account of how other people’s opinion’s of her child’s fussy eating made her feel.  It was like we had read eachother’s minds. I […]

{Guest Post} My Top 3 Activities for Proprioceptive Input

Today, I am handing over the blog to Rachelle from The Happy Me Shop. She’s talking about her favourite proprioceptive input exercises for kids.  I am a HUGE advocate for proprioceptive input prior to mealtimes.  This helps reset children and prepare them for new tasks. I build it into my pre-mealtime routine prior to washing […]

Tools to bring to the table to stop tantrums, wriggles and runners

Do you have a child that stays at the dinner table from somewhere between 1 and 1.5 seconds?  Do they wriggle so much that they don’t really even look at their food?  Are they throwing a tantrum about just going to the table? So many parents will often blame the food for their toddler or […]

Sensory Processing and Helping that with Scented Playdough

  Why do I love scented playdough? Finding a great product to assist your kids build olfactory (smell) sensory resilience to natural fruit or vegetable smells is not easy – other than via the actual fruits and vegetables.  Some children find that sensory overload from the tactile response to “wet” fruits and vegetables means they have limited interactions […]

Continuing Solids Past First Tastes

What is the Developmental Food Continuum? The developmental food continuum is one model for how children can learn to eat solids.  The time period it covers is from age 0 to 24mths.  It has been developed in the United States by Dr Kay A. Toomey, Ph.D.  The disclaimer to the developmental food continuum is that it […]

Creamy Bacon and Corn Soup topped with Popped Corn … and a sensory meltdown

My 4 year old decided that we should make a recipe from the Coles magazine for creamy bacon and corn soup.  I did modify it slightly though to fit in with the ingredients that we had on hand.  The recipe is below. The steps that were good for both girls to participate in were: Removing […]

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