Kimberley’s Rissoles

This is the third installment of my series on 5 ingredient dinners for fussy eaters. I am taking 9 recipes from readers on my Instagram, Parenting Picky Eater Group and Facebook page and giving them a Nutritionist’s twist on serving them up for fussy eaters. This rissole recipe came from Kimberley. Rissoles are a combination […]

Kid Friendly Little Beef Skewers

Little Beef Skewers!  I think skewers are amazing for giving kids a way to interact with new foods. They still require some motor planning but not as much as cutlery. And they are a way to get the foods within a few centimeters of their hands remembering that for some fussy kids, interaction with a […]

Ellie’s Cooking Show: Episode 14: Goulash Served in Bread Bowls

If you think of Czech food you would probably not think of this, unless, you are my husband or I.  For some reason as we enjoyed a long weekend in Prague nearly a decade ago, bread bowls containing goulash seemed to be advertised at many of the tourist-catering-restaurants.  We made a bit of a joke about […]

Ellie’s Cooking Show: Episode 12: Brazilian Style Beef Rolls

We are globe trotting this week!  We filmed this cooking demonstration of a Brazilian dish on Tuesday 11 Oct 2016 at 5pm on my Facebook page. We went to Brazil to bring you Bife Role – Brazilian Style Beef Rolls. We made our rolls with spinach, carrot, garlic and bacon.  They were simmered in a tomato based sauce for 30 minutes whilst […]

Ellie’s Cooking Show: Episode 7: Lomo Saltado

Ellie, Simone (and some glimpses of Verity) cooked Lomo Saltado live from their kitchen on Tuesday, 6 Sept 2016.  This Peruvian favorite was very well received by our whole family.  It was a new dish for our family.  I have included a “fussy eater tip” in the recipe below about mixing the textures in this […]

Baked Winter Vegetable Meatballs

We love this recipe to use up some Brussels Sprouts.  See this post on Brussels Sprout play for more ideas about how to engage your children (and fussy partner??) with these morsels of vegetable goodness. This is the other recipe for Brussels sprouts that is a winner in our household. Baked Winter Vegetable Meatballs   Print […]

5 Minute Beef and Tahini Zucchini Noodles

In January 2016, I filmed some quick family food tips on my facebook page. The quick gist of these family eating tips covered were: Just say “yes!” to getting the kids involved as much as you feasibly can. How to set the table with your fussy eater in mind. Have a “go-to” 5 minute meal that takes the […]

Hiding vegetables from fussy eaters – Does it work?

Vegetables can be difficult for fussy eaters to learn to enjoy – they are often bitter and hard “work” from a sensory point of view.  Here is my answer (in a 7 minute audio file) to the frequently asked question – Should I hide vegetables from my fussy eater?  Also, I have included the recipe […]

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