Mel’s Mystery Mince {5 Ingredient Dinners for Fussy Eaters}

I set out a bit of a challenge on my Facebook Page, Instagram Followers and the Parenting Picky Eaters Facebook group recently to tell me THEIR 5 Ingredient Dinners. These are 9 of their family meal ideas and I needed to share them with you along with some tips for making them fussy eater friendly. […]

Recipes with an Aussie Flavour for Australia Day

With Australia Day around the corner, here are some of our favourite recipes with Australian flavours! Lemon Myrtle Lamb with Cous Cous We cooked this dinner up with Bailee and Jasper from The World and Kids.  Marinate the lamb over night and either cook on the BBQ or inside (if the weather doesn’t work out […]

Ellie’s Cooking Show: Episode 10: Lemon Myrtle Lamb and Cous Cous

We had so much fun cooking this live with Jenna, Jasper and Bailee from The World and Kids over on my Facebook Page.  It was nice to sit back and enjoy this yummy family friendly dinner after a big Tuesday.  Tuesday’s are undeniably the “hardest day” in our house and 5pm is probably the biggest trip to […]

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