Caz’s Yoghurt Dough Pizzas for Fussy Eaters

“We are making these yoghurt dough pizzas soon” is exactly what you will be thinking as you read through this blog post. This is a great starter meal for kids to make as they wade their way into making main meals with you. As I will always attest, I know it is easier to get […]

Ellie’s Cooking Show: Episode 5: Baked Taco Dinner

Ellie, Verity and Simone cooked the first few steps of this recipe live on Facebook in August 2016. This just proves that cooking with kids is never easy. However, you may like to watch it with your kids and see what they think about some of the words we use to describe the ingredients. Enjoy […]

Baked Winter Vegetable Meatballs

We love this recipe to use up some Brussels Sprouts.  See this post on Brussels Sprout play for more ideas about how to engage your children (and fussy partner??) with these morsels of vegetable goodness. This is the other recipe for Brussels sprouts that is a winner in our household. Baked Winter Vegetable Meatballs   Print […]

Creamy Bacon and Corn Soup topped with Popped Corn … and a sensory meltdown

My 4 year old decided that we should make a recipe from the Coles magazine for creamy bacon and corn soup.  I did modify it slightly though to fit in with the ingredients that we had on hand.  The recipe is below. The steps that were good for both girls to participate in were: Removing […]

Bake Your Risotto, Pack a Lunch Box and Love a Picnic

Spring is here!  I have a yummy recipe for a lunchbox friendly baked risotto. And Spring also that means  1) There really are only a few more weeks of school / day care / play date lunch box packing to go before Christmas!  2)  We can enjoy more family meals outdoors.  So, I am talking all about keeping our food […]

The Family Meal and a Korean Inspired Pork Recipe

I use the term Family Meal often. The main defining element is that a family meals consists of your child + one other person.   A family meal doesn’t have to include everyone. Some tips for success at family meals: Ensure that children have appropriately set-up eating positions.  They should sit with a 90o angle at […]

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