Ellie’s Cooking Show: Episode 6: Italian Red Lentils

Ellie dragged her mum, Simone, along to the kitchen to make this Italian Red Lentil dish at 5pm AEST on Tuesday 30 Aug. ūüôā ¬†Verity was not very well but played along provided that Simone would keep cuddling her all the way through the prep. ¬†#onehandedcooking #embracemess “I love getting the girls in the kitchen […]

Creamy Bacon and Corn Soup topped with Popped Corn … and a sensory meltdown

My 4 year old decided that we should make a recipe from the Coles magazine for creamy bacon and corn soup. ¬†I did modify it slightly though to fit in with the ingredients that we had on hand. ¬†The recipe is below. The steps that were good for both girls to participate in were: Removing […]

Helping Your Fussy Hubby Eat New Foods & White Bean Soup

Hands up if you have a picky partner? Me! Although it can be a laughing point or “cute quirk” that you and/or your partner has, the repertoire of foods you eat directly impacts your child. ¬†I often get asked (in very light-hearted tones) – “Will this work on my fussy husband too?”¬† The short answer […]

Pumpkin, Tomato and Basil Soup

June’s pinterest challenge was slightly marred by my pinterest fail in May (that took me 6 weeks to recover from). The pinterest “Gods” set down the task of an heirloom tomato soup as my June challenge. Given that my youngest daughter has a sensitivity to excessive amounts of tomato, I would steer clear of a […]

Mexican Chicken Soup

Last updated: 02 December 2019 In 2015, I set myself a Pinterest challenge where I recreated the first Pinterest post in my feed (whatever it was!) And I would write an article on how I spun that idea into something relevant for kids. So, in March 2015 this recipe for making a Mexican Soup was […]

Simple Fish Soup

This is a quick, affordable and healthy soup recipe.¬†Perfect for a main meal (lunch or dinner) with a side of toasted sourdough or grain bread. ¬†OR¬†it works well¬†as an alternative to your usual afternoon tea. If witching hour is hindering your plans for making meals all in one go, you can prep some of this […]

Chicken and Corn Soup

The colder months bring comfort food cravings. ¬†This recipe will hit the spot without the “nasties”. ¬†Kids love pulled chicken as a stepping stone towards whole pieces of meat when they are overcoming an aversion to meat that is commonly¬†associated with toddler & preschooler behaviour. ¬†If they aren’t happy with the chicken in the soup, […]

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