What If Vegetables Were People? {Book Review}

Would you swoon about a rock-and-roll beetroot? Or bow down to the zucchini king? Play tennis with tomatoes? Or is sipping tea with onions more your thing? Whatever it is you fancy, this whimsical tale about vegetables pretending to be humans is fun to read for the whole family. Kate along with her four children […]

Dear Annabel Crabb, I thought this about The Wife Drought…

Dear Annabel, You undoubtedly won’t remember me. We cooked dinner together at a cooking school on a drizzly miserable Monday evening about 8 or 9 years ago. You were funny, down-to-earth and had an amazing conversational tone that made late 20’s me, a socially awkward workaholic, find your tales of balancing motherhood, spiders in your […]

Praying for Strawberries {Book Review & Giveaway}

It’s a privilege and eye-opening experience to be let into someone’s world. Reading transports you and teaches you so much. And for this I am grateful to Gail Simpkins for penning her story “Praying for Strawberries”. A yearlong diarised account of life with her son, Lachlan. Lachlan has Autism and this book celebrates his accomplishments, […]

Teddy Bear’s Picnic for Fussy Eaters in Newcastle

In the wee hours of Thursday 2nd November, I absconded from the city with my 3 yo for a cruise up the highway to Newcastle to co-host a fun and information filled morning all about feeding fussy eaters. Mel Burgess from Love Parenting,  dietitian Stina Oftedal and I hosted the session for a wonderful group of […]

Sensory Processing Difficulties and Trying New Foods (Especially Vegetables)

A key foundation for working with and parenting picky eaters is understanding their WHY. A generic list of actions is not necessarily going to help if you don’t understand why your picky eater is behaving the way that they are, especially around their “tricky” foods. One key element that I often write about is sensory […]

GIVEAWAY At My Family Table {Book Review}

Giveaway for a great children’s picture book about food open from NOW until 15 Oct 8pm Sydney time. It was so exciting to attend the book launch for Mandy Dos Santos’ first picture book “At My Family Table”. I have loved watching Mandy’s journey via her facebook page and chatting to her about the book […]

Whyte Chocolate and Grapefruit Zest Stars {Gluten Free, Egg Free, Dairy Free and Low Sugar}

Parents with allergies to consider in their family, are often looking for ways to have a food that is safe for everyone and fun. These cookies are gluten free, egg free, dairy free and are low in sugar. They are simple to make and only take 8 minutes to bake. The chocolate yogi sent me […]

4 Things An Astronaut Taught Me About Feeding Kids

If you were to guess the opposite occupation to a kids feeding specialist, what would you say? I would put astronaut, outback road-train driver and fisher for Alaskan king crabs at the top of my list. Commander Chris Hadfield had me hooked in the first chapter though and I couldn’t stop comparing his insights to […]

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