How I will help your family have happy mealtimes

Learn more about Simone Emery Simone is a children’s nutritionist based in Melbourne, Australia. Simone delivers a range of content to suit every busy parent that is struggling with a fussy eater. Simone does home based fussy eater consults in Melbourne, a unique online sensory food school, fussy eating consults online and is a guest […]

10 Reasons Your Picky Eater Is Still Not Eating Family Style Meals

The Ellyn Satter Division of Responsibility (DOR) model accumulates the essence of feeding research and presents family meal dynamics with responsibility lines drawn in the sand. Ellyn Satter’s model is pervasive throughout feeding research and it is PRACTICAL for families to follow.  The family meal model gets talked about constantly in our Parenting Picky Eaters facebook […]

Sensory Processing Difficulties and Trying New Foods (Especially Vegetables)

A key foundation for working with and parenting picky eaters is understanding their WHY. A generic list of actions is not necessarily going to help if you don’t understand why your picky eater is behaving the way that they are, especially around their “tricky” foods. One key element that I often write about is sensory […]

How To Help Your Picky Eater When You Are Short On Time

It’s a super busy world! And parenting life just seems to move at a pace governed by to do lists, work commitments, play dates, school bells (my nemesis), drop-offs, pick-ups, house work, activities, naps (or lack of), bedtime routines and of course meal prep. Therefore, if we want to tackle a pervasive issue, like when […]

Fussy Children Relying on Milk Before Bed

Evening routines with children often start out with children having a feed (aka milk) just before going down for the night. This can sometimes turn into a habit. For some fussy eaters, it turns into a negotiating tool. Or a parents safety net / fall back. Possibly it’s become a main part of a child’s […]

What’s A Gruffalo? {Food Play Routine to Help Picky Eaters}

Join us as we travel into a deep dark wood. We meet a mouse with a nut that looks good. We step into the turned-out toes of the gruffalo and see what foods he can learn about. This is a bit of a “behind the scenes” look at one of my popular lesson plans for […]

Stress-Free Creative Play with Food

Please welcome Shannon from Oh Creative Day to the Play with Food blog – teacher, mumma, crafter and witty-instagram-comment-maker! I get it. Art and craft activities with kids can be time-consuming and messy. Add food into this mix and it creates the potential for a whole new level of stress and chaos. Today I’m here […]

Online Feeding Consultations with Simone Emery

Take a behind the scenes look at one of my online picky eater consultations, affectionately known as a Skype play date, where I eat along with your child to observe their subtle and not so subtle cues around challenging foods.  I am so grateful to Karin and her charming family. She agreed to let me […]

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