Meet the second generation impacted by the “I Quit Sugar” movement

She was only three. She was two bites into her apple. She stopped. She looked at me with her big, inquiring eyes. “Mum, my apple is sweet.” I said “Yep”, and kept eating my apple. “Does it have sugar in it?” My heart broke. Someone had demonized sugar to my just out-of-nappies-innocent-as-anything little girl. I […]

Homemade Fruit Filled Cereal Bars for Kids

Cereal bars from the supermarket can come with a variety of fruit fillings. And this inspired me to work on a healthy rustic dough recipe that I could use to wrap around my own fruit fillings of choice. This is so that I can make fruits last a touch longer and present them in a […]

10 Reasons Your Picky Eater Is Still Not Eating Family Style Meals

The Ellyn Satter Division of Responsibility (DOR) model accumulates the essence of feeding research and presents family meal dynamics with responsibility lines drawn in the sand. Ellyn Satter’s model is pervasive throughout feeding research and it is PRACTICAL for families to follow.  The family meal model gets talked about constantly in our Parenting Picky Eaters facebook […]

{Guest Post} Introducing Solids – The First Week

Thanks to Fi from Mumma Morrison for sharing with us her daily diary of how she felt during her first week of starting to feed her little man solids. Fi’s son is known on her blog as Starfish. It’s lovely to remember the first feelings associated with what a big milestone this is in your motherhood […]

Inspirational Local Mums: My Interview with Emma Wilkinson

Emma and I have been in the same circles for a while, however, inspiration struck when we got to chatting about how we both have funny childhood memories of particular vegetables! Emma not only has a great appreciation of beetroot, but she is quite hilarious and a fountain of knowledge when it comes to crochet, especially crochet […]

Inspirational Local Mum: Julie-Anne England

I am so happy to have Julie-Anne on the blog today!  Julie-Anne has extensive experience with children culminating in her current role as mother and owner of online magazine, Small Steps Parenting. Julie-Anne brings a wealth of knowledge, from her 15 years’experience as a nanny, childcare worker and centre leader, to create an online publication that embraces and celebrates […]

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