Inspirational Local Mum: Julie-Anne England

I am so happy to have Julie-Anne on the blog today!  Julie-Anne has extensive experience with children culminating in her current role as mother and owner of online magazine, Small Steps Parenting. Julie-Anne brings a wealth of knowledge, from her 15 years’experience as a nanny, childcare worker and centre leader, to create an online publication that embraces and celebrates […]

Embrace Mess

It’s really hard to do … but I try … EMBRACE the MESS! Why? The sensory benefits are amazing for your children.  It is the founding principle of  the Play with Food programs.  But rather than me harp on about it, what about we listen to these health professional / researcher advocates for messy eating?? […]

What’s happening in 2015 & my Pinterest Challenge details

To kick off my first post for 2015, I’d love to outline what is happening in “Play with Food” land this year. Mondays will be Playgroup day in Rouse Hill Regional Park from 10am.  This is an informal get together to talk about kids and food.  I run a few activities for the kids based on […]

Enter New Sibling, Enter Fussy Eating

My oldest daughter is in the throws of her toddler developmental cognitive leap.  This leap has HUGE impacts on her behaviour in all aspects of life.  I am acutely aware, however,  that eating behaviours are often significantly impacted at this age bringing about “fussy eating”. How am I dealing with this leap AND bringing a new sibling into […]

3 Top Ergonomics Tips for Mealtime Success

There are so many products you can buy for kids at mealtimes.   From placemats, cutlery, chairs, tables, dinnerware, lunchboxes, drink bottles to booster seats.  The choices are endless!  My tip is to take a step back and think about the meal from your child’s perspective and how you both intend to complete the task? The […]

Reasons to Play with Food Outside of Mealtimes

Last Updated: 7 August 2016 The more exposure that your child has to fruits and vegetables, the more likely they are to learn about them and eat them. The operative word here is EXPOSURES. But how do we keep giving exposures without generating waste, mess and battles at the table? One of many strategies to […]

Learning to Eat

In August last year, I attended SOS (Sequential Oral Sensory) Approach to Feeding training.  This training really helped me polish up the activities in my fruit and vegetable classes.  It gave me a good foundation to see the difference between normal feeding development (including developmental related fussiness) and feeding problems. The other major benefit to this training […]

Choose Adventure

Children operate in a world of new possibilities & imagination.  Explore their world with them during meals! Delight their imagination – Enjoy their exuberance – Understand their fears  Today, I have a poorly little girl.  Plans are out the window.  Imagination is in full flight.  We converted our lounge room into an indoor tent (with […]

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