Children operate in a world of new possibilities & imagination.  Explore their world with them during meals!

Delight their imagination – Enjoy their exuberance – Understand their fears 

Today, I have a poorly little girl.  Plans are out the window.  Imagination is in full flight.  We converted our lounge room into an indoor tent (with sheets draped over the lounge and chairs). She was not interested in her normal routine at all. We ate brekky on the floor. Below is a picture of our lunch today.  We sang wheels on the bus as we moved our carrots and cucumber around our plate and into our mouths.  She picked out everything she wanted to eat and we had smiles.

How can you choose your own food adventure?

1 – Serve everything in the middle of the table so you can all choose 
2 – Find something imaginative related to your food to talk about 
3 – Let your child take some control & trust them
4 – Remember you are their number one role model


 Join us for classes or workshops in Sydney, Australia, where we choose our own adventures, we play, we sing, we learn and we laugh!  See our page Play with Food Lesson Schedule for more information!

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