Christmas day is fast approaching.  There are lots of great recipes floating around!

Don’t forget to think of ways to safely use your leftovers.  Here is my favourite way to use up left over roast pork along with the food safety guidelines for reheating meat.  The chutney recipe is also a great way to use up stone fruits that get a bit neglected in the Christmas day fruit bowl.  I also plan on making a batch of this cherry salsa and the cherry choc slice again this year.  It’s great to see cherries are at an affordable price point already this year.

Cherry Salsa


As we are going on a road trip, I need to plan ahead and make foods that are easy to transport and keep in mind that we won’t have an oven!  Because I will have a BBQ at my disposal – these Pork and Pineapple tacos from Shari at Good Food Week are definitely going on our holiday menu.

Pork and Pineapple Tacos by Good Food Week

YUM! Pork and Pineapple Tacos

I am also thinking that some picnics are on the cards!  So, here is a summary of tips for safely packing a picnic – getting sick over summer holidays is NOT fun.  So remember my catchy food safety song to the tune of jingle bells.  Here I am singing it (badly) for you again.


Some more things to remember at Christmas time from  a food safety point of view:

  1. Don’t put hot things in the fridge!  They will only put other things into the danger zone temperature.  Let them cool down a bit first – you have 2 hrs to get them in the fridge once they are below 60oC.
  2. Don’t overcrowd your fridge.  The air needs to circulate well so that the temperature can be maintained below 4oC.  If this temperature can’t be maintained – all the food in your fridge will be in the temperature danger zone and inviting food poisoning to your dinner table.
  3. Use esky’s for non-essentials to keep them cool instead of crowding out your fridge eg. drinks, vegetables, fruits, water bottles.
  4. Plan efficiently for the amount of people you are serving.  Leftovers need to be considered carefully.
  5. If something has been out on the table for too long – put it in the bin!  Don’t risk it!
  6. Try and keep foods on display out of direct sun, over ice bricks and/or covered to keep away insects.

What are your favourite meals when you are on holiday (without an oven)?  What road trip snacks do you pack?

Happy Eating!


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