If you have been following my Instagram account (@playwithfood_au) you would probably have noticed the Christmas count down tasks on my feed.  The printable that you get free when you subscribe to my newsletter is full of fun daily tasks for you to do with the kids and packed full of my golden fussy eater tips.  You print it up, cut it up and make it into a loop chain.  Then on each day you cut a link off of the chain and do the task it suggests.  It’s been such a fun way for me to schedule in doing a great activity with my girls as well as giving them a visual representation of the time left until Christmas day.


Here are 3 of my favourites from my Instagram Feed (in order of the most popular – judged by the likes they’ve been getting)!  There are still a few more days to play and tag me if you are playing along so that I can feature your image on my feed 🙂

#1 – Chomp on some celery like a crocodile ?
This is one of the most popular activities in my Play with Food classes as it combines a vegetable, a song and some gross motor movements. The sensory system gets a big joyful work out!! My two little sensory seekers love this and didn’t mind posing for the camera for it either. The song is to “5 cheeky monkeys”. Swing your arms to be the monkey and snap on the celery to be a crocodile. March along to the beat of the song.


#2 -Paint with vegetables. This activity took 2-3 mins to set-up, 10 mins to do and finished off with a quick bath. Therefore, despite my original reservations, it’s not “too hard” and we squeezed it in before the normal Wednesday routine got underway. There are lots of benefits for vegie play like this. Today we used broccoli and parsley – both will be featuring in our dinner tonight – so this is a brilliant sensory exploration task and a way to increase familiarity before dinner. All set to shoot up the steps to eating hierarchy?

Vegie Play in the Count Down to Christmas by Play with Food
#3 – Create a snack or meal inspired by a Christmas TV show. We made watermelon ? Christmas trees ? and some cookies inspired by the show ? Charlie and Lola “how many more minutes til Christmas?” This activity reminds me of the steps I outlined for creating your own themed afternoon tea based on a childrens book.

Create your own meal or snack inspired by a Christmas TV show as part of the Count Down to Christmas by Play with Food

If you are looking for more in depth explanation about all of my fussy eater tips, make sure you sign up to our Happy Mealtimes eCourse kicking off on Jan 4th. Until December 20, it comes with the bonus free eBook and is priced at only $29.95.

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