Last Updated: 25 July 2016

It brings me so much joy to talk about some amazing work social enterprises do in our community.  Dinner on the table is an organisation that delivers family meals to your home or workplace.  I can imagine that this would be amazing for a family with a new baby or when work schedules change and you are trying to adjust without the added pressure of the mealtime preparation.  I can definitely see how amazing this service can be BUT what I liked most about this service was the way they give back to the community and that is the story I want to focus on today.

Dinner on the table provides no cost dinners to families with disabilities.  Families that endure life caring for loved ones with disabilities face a mountain of financial burden, stress and uncertainty.  Easing the load with a pre-prepared meal at no cost is just simply amazing for them.  I don’t think I can do the Dinner On The Table story any more justice than this YouTube video:

How great is this initative?  How great do their meals look!?

Moroccan Beef Stew by Dinner on the Table

Moroccan Beef Stew by Dinner on the Table

I ordered some meals for my family to enjoy in June.  Note: The meals can be delivered to a range of post codes in the Sydney region – please check their website for current menus, delivery areas and delivery times. The ordering process is very easy.  As a family of 4 (2 adults and 2 children), I found that the servings for 1-2 people suited us OK with an extra side of vegetables.  The Moroccan beef stew (pictured above), I served with an additional side of sweet potato wedges.  I served the canneloni up for 1 adult and 2 children with salad on a night that hubby was at a work dinner.  The sesame chicken meatballs were the most popular in our family and they came with an side of slaw.  I also made some broccoli and mashed potato to go with this.  Each week the menu changes.  You also aren’t locked into a subscription service which can get frustrating if you don’t want to order every week. Rachel’s weekly emails are refreshing too – always from the heart and full of useful mealtime tips.

As a heads up, this is not a sponsored post.  This post (and my post about Eat Up) reflect my own joy in finding these organisations in the community and wanting to shed some light on the great work that they do behind the scenes.

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