It is my great pleasure to donate some of the revenue from the Happy Mealtimes eCourse to Eat Up.

Eat Up Australia is a new not-for-profit organisation based in Richmond, Melbourne, which delivers school lunches to underprivileged Australian school children. The model utilizes existing, established and widespread organisations to create a new service that provides ready made, healthy and wholesome lunches direct to disadvantaged children at no cost. This simple but powerful project is helping to ensure some of the most vulnerable children in our community can stay healthy and maintain their energy to learn!

You can follow the great work of Lyndon Galea and his team on the Eat Up facebook page.

To emphasise just how important this project is to me, I wanted to present some related ideas for us to make lunches more inspiring for our own children.

Here is a copy of the amazing GoodFoodWeek lunchbox notes that Shari from GoodFoodWeek designed for the lunchbox section of the Happy Mealtimes eCourse – Your’s totally free without any other strings attached (Although, if you want to share this post and the love of this amazing organisation we would take that as thanks!)  I love these because they help reset the kids, give them that nudge of encouragement for the rest of the day and the cute designs are also a bit healthy.

This is the video of how the sandwiches are made by Eat Up volunteers on a Sunday afternoon. Watch it with your kids and explore with them how they could make a food train to just get your lunches made for the next day.  Talk about the importance of volunteers in our society and that even though doing a food train isn’t too hard for a family, doing it for 300 children is a much bigger job.  What would they have to organise to do it?  You might want to make a mind-map with the kids as you explore these ideas.

And here is a dancey-video by Eat Up to get the point across even more.  Could your kids write/draw inspirational messages on brown paper bags for eachother’s school lunch?  How does it make them feel when they get a kind message from someone?

Some other ideas lunchbox foods (obviously) sandwich making, smoothies in a thermos and yummy scones.  Kylie from Kidgredients featured these 10 creative ideas for how to use sandwich bread and also a handy list of sandwich filling ideas.  This ginger, mint and green apple smoothie sounds delish by Brenda Janschek.  I love getting the kids involved in making a huge variety of smoothies in our house and using the blender helps them build some auditory sensory resilience.  If you aren’t sure about what makes a good thermos (ability to keep temperature and easy enough for little hands to open) – Kylie from Kidgredients has an up-to-date thermos review.  For lunchboxes, a classic Aussie favourite must be the good old scone. Try these Chocolate and Date Scones by Oh Creative Day.  I have also written a comprehensive post about food safety in the lunchbox here for your reference.

Thanks again for helping me support the great work of Eat Up by purchasing the Happy Mealtimes eCourse.  I send the donations through on a quarterly basis.

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