Emma and I have been in the same circles for a while, however, inspiration struck when we got to chatting about how we both have funny childhood memories of particular vegetables! Emma not only has a great appreciation of beetroot, but she is quite hilarious and a fountain of knowledge when it comes to crochet, especially crochet on Instagram. Emma runs crochet classes here in the hills and has some new classes coming up on a Sunday afternoon – perfect for mums wanting some time out before the busy week starts again. She inspires me to look on the funny side of running a business and (associated blog) and for that she gets this week’s title of “Inspiring Local Mum”.

Inspirational Local Mum Emma Wilkinson by Play with Food

If you had to use 5 words to describe your family life, what would they be?

Chaotic, Creative, Crazy.. I have three young boys, which explains a lot..

What is a typical afternoon and dinner preparation time like for you?

We usually have a big afternoon tea when we get home from school.   I like to use my Thermomix for dinner preparation, because I really don’t enjoy the prep side of cooking. This way I can whip something up pretty quickly – chop and steam. We usually have some sort of variation of rice and protein for dinner, sometimes mixing it up with quinoa instead of rice.

From your Play with Food interactions, is there anything that has made a big impact on your family’s eating?

Getting them involved with cooking, My kids are pretty good at cracking eggs!

What is your best tip for balancing a family and small business?

Sometimes you have to go with the flow. Kids get sick, they get hungry, nap timetables change. You can’t always set hours, and accepting that rather than fighting it can be less stressful.

What has been the hardest part of running your own business while having a family?

Not stressing over things you can’t change. I’m still working on time management, but my business grows as my family does.

What is your big hope for the next year?

Offer regular weekend crochet workshops and writing more patterns!

Emma Wilkinson Inspiring Local Mum | Play with Food

Emma and her family!

Emma’s blog/website is here, with this is her facebook page.

Emma’s upcoming Sunday afternoon workshops in the Sydney hills district: 

  • 6th of September- Crocheting Basics. This class is for people who have never crocheted before, or perhaps need a reminder on how to get started.  During this class we will make a pot holder.
  • 20th of September – Granny Squares and beyond. This class will cover the basics of granny squares, and how to alter to make other shapes.
  • 4th of October –  Baskets. working in the round, we will cover some construction techniques, and make a basket to keep our work in!
  • 18th of October- Star Garland- Covering more advanced stitches will will make some decorative stars, which can be used at Christmas time.

I am also looking at holding a kids crochet workshop during the upcoming school holidays.  I also love keeping busy with commission pieces and pattern writing! – Emma

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