There is nothing quite like a young child to keep you on your toes!  Studies by the Women’s Health Aging Project in Australia are now saying that babysitting can help older carers (like grandparents) prevent Alzheimer’s disease.  Babysitting has also been linked to lower levels of depression.  Read more here.  Many of us rely on babysitting (from relatives and/or friends).  Here are 12 entertainment ideas that grandparents can keep up their sleeves to entertain the little ones.

12 ways for grandparents to entertain grandkids ~ Play with Food

1) Visit a farm or orchard and learn about where food comes from – remember Bilpin is only about 45min from the Sydney Hills district and full of wonderful places to explore.

2) Go on a walk to collect leaves and twigs.  Make a collage with them back at home.

3) Pick out a new fruit or vegetable together at the green grocer to play with – Here is my blog post about playing with food outside of mealtimes for more inspiration.

4) Bake banana bread using this recipe.

5) Have a teddy bears picnic outside for lunch.  Teddy loves cucumber sticks ;p

6) Write a story together and illustrate it.  Or even better, write a recipe and illustrate it.  (Lucky, I have a template and instructions here for you).

7) Make a fort with blankets and read stories by torchlight within.

8) Read a story book and then use the story to inspire a creative, healthy afternoon tea (see this blog post for inspiration OR buy our take home lesson pack here).

9) Make play dough and scent it with some finely chopped, fresh herbs.

10) Make some edible paint with yoghurt and food dye (instructions are here)

11) Tackle some food art projects – here is a Free food art template of a sheep to try

12) Make these Oyster party biscuits that I wrote about for My Bored Toddler

Oyster Party Biscuits by Play with Food

We are so blessed to have some amazing grand parents around for our girls.  My parents visit from QLD every few months and my in-laws are very happy to help us out and live locally.  A big cheers for grand parents!

What things to your kids love to do with their grandparents? Do your kids cook or garden with the grandparents?  What memories do you have from being a kid at your grandparents’ house?


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