I am a mum who tries to embrace sensory play for my children as much as I can.  (See this edible paint and vegetable play activity for specific tips on how I do it). There are so many benefits to sensory play and letting them explore the world around them.  I try hard to embrace the mess!  But what did I do to make sure I had the confidence to wholeheartedly let my children wander down this path?  My first aid training.  I can’t stress to you how important it is to “back yourself” when it comes to your parenting skills.  Your confidence in situations is fueled by the security YOU have in YOUR knowledge.  This is why I talk to parents extensively about choking and gagging in our babies and food workshop.  Getting that knowledge and understanding under your belt early helps you calmly address gagging / choking incidents with your baby.

This is an interview that I did with Kim Hendricks about choking and gagging in early 2015

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Kim’s business is called Citadel First Aid.  Kim is local to the Sydney Hills District and with two adult kids her family has now grown to 6 members, including her children’s partners.  Reflecting on her family, Kim says “We are busy, caring, fun, sharing and always there for each other.”  Kim’s family love getting together for baked Dinners, Curries and Spaghetti Bolognese.

Parents First Aid Courses by Citadel First Aid

First Aid for Parents. Source: Citadel First Aid

Kim’s view on family and work balance is that it’s tricky!  “I find if I have pre-cooked meals in the freezer, it makes life much easier.  Especially, if I need to go to a business networking event in the evening, the family can just heat and eat.  Also, taking time to relax is important to me and being prepared helps that!”  Kim is so excited about her growing business and is currently adding more courses and products to her website to help local families meet their first aid educational needs. Kim has also worked hard at starting her business from the ground up with a huge emphasis on delivering training that suits her audience.

Citadel First Aid offers Parents’ First Aid courses. This is a non accredited course, however, important skills to have for Parents and Grandparents. To book in to this course or any of their other courses, go to www.citadelfirstaid.com or call 1300854353.  You can also see Kim’s range of first aid kits on her website.
Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.  I love the work Kim does and trained for my refresher First Aid Certificate with Kim. #mumssupportingmums #supportlocalsmallbusiness
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