We loved this simple cottage cheese recipe. I had made yoghurt dough before and so when I had some left over cottage cheese in the fridge, I thought “mmm…. can you substitute cottage cheese for yoghurt?” Yes, is the answer. A definite yes. We used butterfly cookie cutters to add some flat bread fun to our mince and peas for dinner one night. It is also a simple dairy recipe for kids to make with you!

6 Reasons to go gah-gah about flatbread at your family meals

Simple flat breads are a staple in our family meals because they are unbelievably versatile (and this new cottage cheese flatbread will be reappearing at our place soon and hopefully arriving at yours too!)

  1. They can be made out of a range of foods and you can always rustle one up (hello to anyone else like me that also hates shopping with little kids in tow after a big day of work/school/play!)
  2. They can often include a serve of grains, dairy and vegetables within their pillowy, flakey or crispy bites
  3. They can be made with a range of flavours to suit every meal occassion
  4. They can be cooked to suit your texture preferences (eg. rolled thin and pan fried for a crispy flat bread, rolled thick and baked for a puffy, pillowy version)
  5. They provide an oral motor break for your kids if flatbreads are served with foods that are a bit harder to chew, have a bigger sensory load or have mixed textures (like a minestrone soup) that are difficult to motor manage within their mouths. (If your kids are struggling with managing meat textures this post can help, or to understand more about chewing my video exercises and handbook, Let’s Chew, may help you.)  Having a food that can give them a break will maintain their interest, provide them with something that they can eat at the meal and help you relax into your mealtime responsibilities.
  6. Flatbreads only need MINIMAL INGREDIENTS but you an throw more in if you want.

My Cottage Cheese Flatbread Experiment

As you know, yoghurt dough is my fave go-to flatbread and it makes an ace pizza base.

I do like to see just how versatile the concept of the humble flatbread can be. And I now have another flatbread creation to add to my repertoire. The pictured simple feast pretty much used up all of my fridge ingredients. Hubby doubted that I could pull off dinner with such a scarcity of foods. #fooledhim Ahhh…. Nothing like pulling this out of the depths of the fridge!

Butterflies were on the menu because the dough rolled out to be much too big to fit my pan. Batches were hence required. The team rolled up their sleeves. My Kids ADORE cutting flatbreads into all sorts of shapes. The butterfly was the first cookie cutter I could lay my dough-smothered fingers on without infecting the rest of the “second drawer of mystery” in my kitchen. So, butterflies were on the menu for ALL of us.

We served ours topped with left over middle eastern spiced lamb mince and peas.

Simple 3 Ingredient Flatbread with Cottage Cheese
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 10
  • 250g Cottage Cheese
  • 1 egg
  • 1.5 cups SR Wholemeal Flour (more for rolling)
  • Olive oil
  1. Mix the cheese and egg, add the flour and form to a rough dough with your fingers. Roll out, shape and pan fry on each side until golden in some olive oil. This recipe will make about 10 butterflies. I could cook 2 at a time in the pan for a minute on each side.

Serving Suggestions

You could add garlic, herbs and spices of your choice to suit your savoury topping.

To make as a sweet option, try adding cinnamon and vanilla bean paste to the mix and pan fry in a butter / nuttelex.

Affiliate Link to Flatbread Cutters (including a butterfly shape)

Post Script Notes of Other Flatbreads that I love

PS. I’ve also tried soy milk, flour, carrots and cinnamon for a vegan brekky flat bread.
PPS. My all time fave 2 ingredient one is grated radish and wholemeal flour… Or add turmeric to go with an Indian curry.



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