As a bit of a departure from my usual fussy eater and family meal blog posts, today I bring you “Food as Baby Names”!  My hubby and I were talking about the trends in baby names and how foodie names are quite hip at the moment.  Here are some that we brainstormed, discussed, found some surprising statistics about and then I chose my favourites.

On the unisex list we cam up with these 5 – Chia, Nori, Tamari, Rye and Kale.  I was surprised that the number of male Kale’s born in the US in 2013 (257) significantly outnumbered the female Kale’s.

For girls we found these gems:

Maple, Sage, Rosemary, Quince, Valencia, Almond, Anise, Apple, Poppy, Blanche (technically a cooking technique but who doesn’t love a golden girls reference), Apple, Brie, Julienne (yet another technique), Lilikoe (Hawaiian for pineapple), Cinnamon, Cherry, Peaches, Olive, Clementine, Kamile (which is also Arabic for perfection), Pepper, Safron and Dolce (Italian for dessert).

For boys we listed these pearls:

Basil, Herb, Devon, Whiskey, Ale, Benedict, Bing (it’s a type of cherry), Cob, Caesar, Bison, Dijon, Pike, Romaine, Kobe, Colby, Sriracha (Racha is Sanskrit for king) and Angus.

These were my personal favourites (if I had to choose 11 for each).

Food Baby Names by Play with Food

What faves do you have in this list?  Do you know anyone with these names?  Do you have any other names to add to the list? Share this post with your friends expecting babies – they probably might not have thought to open up their recipe books in search of a name they can agree upon yet!


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