Happy Mealtimes Webinar One

This webinar delves into understanding your own eating competency and how that impacts your children.  This is to be watched after reading the content of module one in the Happy Mealtimes eCourse.  This webinar was recorded in January 2016 to a live audience, hence the references to the chat box.

Ellyn Satter’s eating competency model is used in this webinar as a tool.  If you have more questions about using the results of this tool, we highly recommend that you talk to an Accredited Practicing Dietitian.  All suggestions and information presented in this webinar are the views and experiences of the host, Simone Emery.

Please print / use this PDF to manually calculate the result for the Ellyn Satter Competency Model.

Thanks for participating in the webinar!

Further reading about the Ellyn Satter Competency model can be found here including all information related to the research that backs the model.