My analogy for getting help for picky eating (or fussy eating) is to think of it like shoe shopping. Just like shoe shopping, you’re not likely to find the perfect golf shoe in the bargain bin out the front of a kids footwear outlet. So, to help you work out what I mean, I thought I’d take you shoe shopping. It is a twisting and winding path to get the right type of feeding assistance. Let’s find the shoe that fits!

What you find in the “feeding advice” shoe shop bargain bin?

Sometimes you strike it lucky and you stumble across the perfect pair of beach sandals at the beginning of summer on half-price in the bargain bin. Sometimes you search through all the bargain bins at the mall and you find nothing in your size. Nothing in the style you were hoping for. Nothing that suits you. As much as I love writing content for the internet, it is always with the disclaimer that the advice is general in nature. I know that it’s free. It’s a bargain. Yet, it can’t always resonate with you. It’s not always the shoe that was meant to be. Examples of “bargain bin” advice include internet content and advice from non-feeding professionals. It’s not to say it isn’t going to be a perfect fit. It’s just that there are lots of shoes in there!

How to shop for your best fitting “shoe” (aka getting tailored fussy eating assistance) starts with understanding your need?

Before you go shopping, you have a good understanding of what shoes you already own and what you are looking for or are likely to buy. So, when you are shopping for joggers, you are more likely to go to a sporting shoe store than a boutique specializing in stilettos. #AmIRight?! This is the same with feeding issues. When you rock up at the right “store”, you are more than likely to get a better selection of “shoes”. By store, I can mean website, facebook business page, instagram feed or a word of mouth recommendation. You can have a glimpse around and start to see if you are going to get what you need to suit your needs.

The next tier of shopping for shoes may mean you have to make an investment in time, try some shoes on and take some steps into the shoe shop. This is similar to going to a seminar / workshop, signing-up to an email list, buying a video bundle or buying a book. All of these steps, are relatively low-cost. Yet, you are starting to invest in getting a more tailored result than just standing at the bargain bin.

The tier after this is when you invest in talking to and consulting with the shop assistant to make your purchase. This is obviously dependent on getting the right skill match with your needs. If you talk to a shop assistant in a sports store about your need for Ugg boots, the chances are that they may direct you towards some casual slides…. but casual slides are NOT Ugg boots. Your choice of shop assistant may also result in them referring you to another store, another shop assistant or to a custom shoe designer. In feeding terms, this may mean a referral to another health professional with a different specialism, a health professional with deeper experience in your area of needs or to a feeding therapy program.

What do you take to the shoe shop so that you get the right shoe?

  1. Your FEET (aka your feeding history)
  2. An idea about your GOAL SHOE (aka what you WANT to get out of your time with a feeding professional)
  3. A BUDGET (aka how much you are able to invest – time, effort, consistency and money)

Where can you go for individualized feeding advice and assistance?

This information is specific for the Australian Audience, but may be interesting for you anyway and was current at the time of filming.

Look for health professionals with specific professional development and training in feeding, including Speech Pathologists, Psychologists, Nutritionists / Dietitians and Occupational Therapists.


About my tiers of services:

My “Bargain Bin”

The articles on this my website covering a wide range of fussy eater topics, my Instagram feed, my facebook page and the free Facebook group for Parenting Picky Eaters that I run with Jo Cormack.

My “Just Browsing” section

  1. Video bundles including handbooks and recipe eBooks – Toddler Feeding, Fussy Eating in Group Environments, Positive Food Talk with Kids
  2. Allergy Free Afternoon Tea – My book full of #Everybody friendly recipes and practical tips to make dinner time smoother with kids (hard copy OR electronic copy)
  3. Online Babies and Food Master Class – for children 6 months to 2 years

My collaborative section:

I work with Jo Cormack and Natalia Stasenko to deliver true value to parents needing access to 3 feeding professionals at their fingertips in the “in between times”. Together we are Your Feeding Team. Together, we’ve got this.

My tailored support:

Have a one-on-one consultation with a workbook, video and oodles of bonus extras in Goodbye Picky Eating. After your initial consultation we work on a plan for ongoing assistance, if required.

Every two months, I have my Online Sensory Food School open for intakes. A great way to have peer group feeding assistance ONLINE and a comprehensive report to help you advocate for your child. And prepare you for additional feeding therapy if that is your next step.

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