Making sushi with kids is all about fun, mess and sensory inputs.  We love it!  Prepare your rice ahead of time (instructions below) and roll some sushi along with us.

You will need a bamboo sushi mat for each child participating, unless of course you love it when your kids fight over the one bamboo sushi mat 🙂  Sushi is also great to go in lunchboxes if you are looking for a sandwich alternative.  If you are making sushi for lunches, make your rice the night before, refrigerate it and roll it fresh in the morning. Fillings for sushi can include proteins like tuna, egg omelette, salmon, chicken and beef teriyaki as well as many vegetable options like cucumber, carrot, avocado, capsicum and a range of pickled vegetables.

We make sushi regularly in our house BUT I would never claim to be great at it.  It is messy but my girls really have fun with it and will often resort to eating all of the toppings straight out of the little bowls that they can help themselves to.  Here are my set-up tips for their little sushi making stations.

Setting up to make sushi with kids (per child requirements):

  • Placemat
  • Bamboo sushi mat
  • Little dish of water
  • Cloth washer (for their safe opt-out and self-cleaning requirements)
  • Spoon or mini spatula for rice spreading
  • Sheet of Nori
  • Ingredients set out in bowls they can access
  • Utensils to serve themselves ingredients (they may not use them but it’s imperative to provide options for food anxious kids.  This way they have ways to engage with the foods that are within their control.)
  • Big serve of parental patience and #embracemess mindset.  Note: This needs to exponentially increase with the number of children you are doing this with – it’s not a linear relationship at all.  This means that the patience you need with one child needs to be multiplied by 4 for a second child and by 16 for a third – you get the gist ;p  It’s still worth it – remember this is only a 20 minute exercise. It too shall pass and rice will not stay in your hair forever.

This week’s prompt for the cooking show came from the #teachthemtheworld challenge set out by Bailee from The World and Kids.  Here Bailee is talking about Mt Fuji.

We hope to see you making your sushi along with us!  What ingredients are you going to fill your sushi with?

As a heads up, next week we are heading to Western Australia!  We will be using Lemon Myrtle so keep a look out for that ingredient over the next week if you want to cook along with us.

For this #teachthemtheworld challenge we have also made Peruvian Lomo Saltado (very popular meal that night in our house) and we have also made Asparagus Souffle Omelette.


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