The Easter bunny may be hopping around the globe now, but you can still get some nifty ideas to co-view, make, read or enjoy with your kids on Easter day that help their learning too. Sometimes its about presence and not presents …. well that’s what I’m telling my kids anyway ;p  Or in other words, it’s about the fact that you may* left Easter egg shopping too late and the stores were already sold out of Easter eggs.

*ok it was me last year that I am talking about

  1. eBooks

I bet you’d love a snuggle
with your little one
spending time together
with rhyming Easter fun.

This kids Easter eBook looks super cute and is about a picnic and an egg… It definitely screams out to the foodie in me.

Or the Llama Llama series is available electronically too with lots of great rhymes to enjoy with the children.

2. Easter word puzzles

… have been adding learning into Easter since …. (ummm. I’m sure it’s a thing?!)

3. Easter baking

Try these Easter Egg brownies (they contain pumpkin to make them egg-free) or the Kidgredients Apple and Cinnamon hot cross buns that look so amazing. Or if you happen to have a malteser bunny lying around (cue laughter – as if they are ever left-over) they are super easy to pop into a mini-bundt cake.

Kidgredients Apple and Cinnamon Hot Cross Buns make a great Easter Present

4. Easter Crafting

What could be more Australian and Easter than making your own DIY Easter Bilby? This tutorial spells it all out for you by Shannon from Oh Creative Day!  She is full of awesome kids craft ideas.

Oh Creative Day's Easter Bilby Craft


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