The story of us

I connected with Ruth from Pea Fritters (my co-author of “Allergy Free Afternoon Tea”) about 18 months ago. We did a little social media dance of commenting, liking, sharing and (dare I even say) DM’ing. We muddled our way through the getting to know you stage.  We found some common ground. We laughed. Her stories resonated with me. I think I might have irritated her a bit (? 😉 ) We realized we had some mutual friends. The stars were aligning. We went on a “first date” – a play date with 4 kids in tow by the river in Penrith. It went OK but it was hard with the kids there. We may not have been in the right “place” for a relationship at the time. We got busy. We lost touch a little as our lives floated through the busy days of motherhood.

One day we connected again, some more social media “flirting” occurred and then …. we found a spark. The spark was to write a joint book. I brought the feeding specialist know-how. She brought the mouth-watering allergy friendly recipes. So, we had another frenzied child-oriented play date. You know the ones where you think you are catching up with a friend until you realise you haven’t actually talked about anything important. This, of course, only dawns on you as you see your kids are tiring and turning into little monsters right before your eyes. So, you frantically get all the important stuff out in an explosion of verbal diarrhea whilst repeatedly asking the kids to get ready “because we’re going in 1 minute”.  Yes, well this is how our spark turned into something a bit more.

I was trawling Facebook one day and noticed that Food Allergy week was coming up in May. I took a screen shot. I emailed it to Ruth. “Deadline?” She agreed.

We were expecting.

Whist we were expecting we started out deciding on names, colour schemes, who we were going to tell, how we were going to tell them and what they might want to know.  We focused on what foods were going to go into the book and the exercise of healthily promoting it.

We had to expect a bit from each other over the next few months too (like any good expectant parents). It was especially important to be on the same page about our recipes, text and ideas. I stressed. She rationalized. We focused on the task. We both took separate holidays (what the?). Then the due date was upon us. We worked hard on the print layouts and fonts and ditched the little icons for our social media contact details at the very last second. We said “yes” to the dress printer.

We decided on:-

Name: “Allergy Free Afternoon Tea”

Due Date: 15 May 2017

Measuring: 32 pages, 10 allergy friendly recipes, Australia-wide postage and plenty of kids feeding hacks to suit all parents.

Mums are doing well. We had an amazing delivery of the book at an intimate book launch in Richmond, NSW. Some of our biz-friends also supported by donating to goodie bags. The pre-sale for the book started 1 week prematurely. And I am still overjoyed that the book joins into the Play with Food family. Introducing the book to her siblings – parenting videos, the Happy Mealtimes eCourse and fellow books – was a delight.  Allergy Free Afternoon Tea is also available as the eBook only version for international buyers here.

We couldn’t be happier with her printing (using environmentally friendly processes) and style. She has her mums totally besotted. We hope you love her too!

Allergy Free Afternoon Tea Book


Have you made a business buddy, a writing companion or a mummy-friendship online? Who is your go-to online spouse? Have you had any collaboration “babies”?

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