Escape the Food Rut

As our children grow they learn so much about the world around them.  The sensory system is being bombarded with so many new stimuli every day.  Eating is an amazing process that our body has to learn – not only from the mechanics / anatomical point of view but also we have to learn to work with cultural, social, environmental and ergonomic challenges / expectations too.

This webinar is all about helping our kids when this may get all a bit too much and they wind up in a food rut.  This complements the Happy Mealtimes eCourse.  If you haven’t completed the eCourse, that is OK – you will still learn loads to help you on your way to happy mealtimes or may decide to delve deeper into resolving the food rut by joining up to the eCourse. The webinar run time is 29 minutes – if you are really clever you can listen along while you do some house chores!

Tue, 01 Mar 2016 10:00:00 +0000

Here is a PDF of the food jagging worksheet – please note that it is a guide for using one of many strategies to assist you with fussy eating and DOES not replace expert medical advice.  Please consult your doctor if you believe your child exhibits red flags to eating. I have a great article outlining the Red Flags and when you should seek help for your fussy eater.



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