If Santa was looking to see if I’ve made the naughty or nice list, I’m hoping he’d say I’ve made the nice list. This year I’ve written many recipes and articles about fussy eating on my blog and on other people’s blogs (you can see my list of where i’ve been here), volunteered my time and hopefully helped stressed parents with fussy eaters to have some happy mealtimes.

My 3 most popular recipes have been:

Ellie's Cooking Show, Episode 13, Afghan Cookies

These gorgeous Afghan cookies!

Lomo Saltado on Ellie's Cooking Show | Playwithfood.com.au

Lomo Saltado – A Peruvian beef stir-fry with french fries!

White Bean Soup by Play with Food

White Bean Soup (probably so popular because it contains my first-hand tips for dealing with fussy husbands)








Some highlights for me have been:

    1. Kicking off and running the Happy Mealtimes eCourse on 4 January 2015 with Mandy from Little People Nutrition and Shari from GoodFoodWeek.  Since then, I’ve worked to make it continuously available for busy parents that need the resources immediately.
    2. Meeting all the new faces via my Skype and Sydney play dates for fussy eaters.
    3. Having this blog post about the 9 things you shouldn’t say to parents of fussy eaters reach my largest audience yet and get some great feedback from mums who were feeling alone in their mealtime struggles. You aren’t alone! I hope you found this article practical, inspiring and a tiny bit amusing.
    4. Working with Jo Cormack in our Parenting Fussy Eaters private facebook group.
    5. Joining in the fun of the Kid Food Collective – especially with this blog post challenge on making a fast food “healthier” – I made healthy chicken parmigiana’s with loads of instructions for how to make this more appealing for family meals, fussy eaters and stepping out the “how to” in accordance with Ellyn Satter’s division of responsibility model.
    6. Working with Kylie from Kidgredients in person at our school holiday programs and virtually by writing some content for her new eBook, “The Kidgedients Guide to Awesome Lunches”.
    7. Working with Andy and Kate from YogaMamas to bring you a free kids yoga printable based on fruits and vegetables – all in the name of getting kids sensory systems ready for mealtimes.
    8. Meeting so many awesome people as I got to know the world of Instagram better.

      Shannon from Oh Creative Day held my hand as we had oodles of fun with our #creativeplaywithfood colour explosion in March – see her review of our month here.

    9. Dipping my toes into new territories by guest speaking at the Nanny convention, writing some product reviews and even hosting a blog giveaway.

  1. AND I know I’ve forgotten so many people that have made this year brilliant…. But I would have been lost without Meg McClintock from Choose Nutrition, my work colleagues at Grace Children’s Therapy and Dr Kristy Goodwin – they have brought my passion for evidence based feeding information to the forefront of my mind at every step of the journey.  Working with them to deliver top shelf content in our videos and to accurately run the SOS feeding therapy program has been simply awesome.

Lastly and definitely not least – I am always thankful for your support, my friends, my family, my health and all the laughs along the way.  My husband and daughters have been especially inspirational.  I hope you’ve enjoyed this year on my blog too!

I’m not the only one looking back this year.  Please check out my fellow hosts of this awesome blog hop and for my blogging buddies please leave your link here too!  I’d love to see what others are rounding out their year with.




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