In January, somewhere amongst the whirlwind of school holidays, mini-vacations and heat waves, I saw a facebook post with “national food days” in 2017.  What date would you scan the 2017 list for?  Your birthday?  Your daughter / son’s birthday? Valentines Day?  Eeekkk…. I hate to admit this but before I could help myself, I was looking for February 6.  The day my oldest starts school.  Don’t tell my youngest daughter that I overlooked her 4 February birthday until a later afterthought.  It just that the 6th of February and the start of Kindergarden has been a goal post in my mind for a long time.  It’s the start of a 5-day-a-week commitment for my daughter, the start of lunchboxes and the start of having a very concrete time to get out of the house EVERY morning.

So to cut what is starting to be a long story short, February 6 is “Ice Cream for Breakfast Day” – according to this random facebook list – that I know probably has not merit other than getting the original creator some good facebook traction as it is shared, shared, shared.  It is obviously not a day that would be ordinarily recognised BUT it had me thinking that I do want to make a special breakfast for the first day of kindy.

SO, I was delighted when Carrie from Our Spiced Kitchen (on Instagram) posted the most delicious recipe for breakfast icecream with buckwheat pancakes on her feed.  And even more delighted when she said I could share it with you. I am making this tomorrow morning for “ice cream for breakfast day” (and first day of kindy).

I love Carrie’s instagram feed and family food philosophy.  She cooks and prepares food that she loves, has on hand and as part of the most delicious family-style platters. Fresh fruits and vegetables feature heavily on her beautifully styled platters and she’s also a big fan of putting fruits in there with her vegetables.  (A great strategy for making sure kids see lots and don’t form barriers betweeen fruits and vegetables).  Carrie also shares tips on how she makes her family food totally acceptable for her baby.  It’s a an inspirational feed for providing your family with one meal. I often use the hashtag #onefamilyonemeal to exemplify that any table meals can be shared by all members of the family with a bit of planning and serving from the middle of the table. It is something that I aim to do at each of our mealtimes (even breakfast) and is in alignment with my feeding therapy training.

Before I get to the recipes, here’s a look at one of Carrie’s dinner instagram posts too. I love how she embraces the Lure of the Skewer for her kiddo’s in this commentary!

I like my salmon with crispy skin and Miss Lily likes kebabs.. so I met her in the middle and put a stick through it☺️ It amazes me the difference a little stick makes! Served with a herbed quinoa salad. Basically measure one cup of uncooked quinoa then cook it, let it cool a little before tossing through about a cup of finely chopped fresh herbs (I used coriander, parsley and basil), a punnet of grape tomatoes, 1/2 cup of toasted sunflower seeds, 1 cup loosely packed greens, an avo and loads of olive oil and either lemon or lime juice ( I’ve used a charred lime as I was out of lemons) Feta cheese or pomegranate also go really nicely in this salad but I didn’t have any. Miss Harper’s has been cut through finely and had a little extra avo added so I could shape it into balls. This can be done with any salad, and can be rolled in almond meal or LSA to make up for the sunflower seeds you need to omit for little babies. As with any salad, sea salt flakes and cracked pepper bring out the best in it x #familyfood #foodmatters

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Breakfast Ice Cream:

2 large frozen chopped ripe bananas, 2 large frozen ripe mango and 2 tbs Greek yogurt. You need high power blender or a cheap frozen fruit crushing machine (like Carrie has) to make “nice cream” with this much fruit ratio.


Blend or whisk, 1/2 cup buckwheat flour, 1/4 cup milk of your choice, 1 tsp baking powder or bi carb, 3 eggs, 2 large ripe bananas (mush first if whisking). Cook in a non stick pan using coconut oil.


How delicious do Carrie’s pancakes look?  Do you have a favourite breakfast ice cream recipe?

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Have a great week!  (and wish me luck!)

x Simone

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