This next installment of the 5 Ingredient Dinner challenge was provided by Sandy Feet Nutrition via Instagram. Do you Dukkah? I love using a dry “dip” to engage fussy kids with changing aspects of their own meals and a dukkah is perfect for this, especially if “wet” sensory properties of foods are a no-go with your picky eater. By providing a dry dip at the meal, the child has a way to control an aspect of the meal without stepping on your toes and your responsibilities of the meal. I talk more about the divisions of responsibility of mealtimes often in the blog (especially here and work with parents through the home economics of implementing it here). The DOR model was coined by Ellyn Satter (you can read more about her work on this family feeding model here). In this model, the parents provide the what, when and where of the meal. Children decide whether and how much of the food to eat. Ergo, the dry dip idea is a way to provide a safe food along with a possible new experience to your child. An opportunity for them to self-enact a change on their own food that they feel in control of whilst you are still maintaining the “what” of the meal. Stay tuned for a list of “dry dip” ideas for each meal occasion of the day below.

Pan Fried Fish with Cauliflower and My Serving Tips

The 5 ingredient dinner recipe provided to me was pan fried fish with cauliflower puree, broccolini, lemon and dukkah. The types of fish that Sandy Feet Nutrition listed that worked well in this recipe include cod, salmon or snapper. I made and photographed it for our mid-week dinner last week.

To make the cauliflower puree, I boiled 1/2 a head of cauliflower until tender and mashed it with some butter, milk and sumac for flavour. And then this is how I ACTUALLY served this up at the table:

  1. I put the portions of fish on the cutting board and gave the girls some tongs so that they could pick the size of fish that they wanted.
  2. I blanched the broccolini and then sliced the stalks into “little circles”. Verity loves the little circles whilst Elizabeth prefers the florets. By providing the food in different styles, they have worked out how to motor plan and get comfortable with different iterations of the same food.
  3. The cauliflower puree was a new food for my kids and I put it in a bowl with a spoon for them to serve. Verity took a small amount to use her pinky for a “learn”. She did eventually lick it off her finger but did not serve herself more at this meal. Elizabeth took a spoonful at first, decided she liked it and served herself another portion.
  4. The lemon and dukkah were on the side and they were for flavouring. The girls are accustomed to having lemon with fish and were happy to squeeze it onto their fish. The dukkah was another new food and they both had a smell of it – good learning!
  5. For the adults we got to flavour up our foods to our hearts content and focus on my favourite mealtime responsibility – eating my own meal 🙂
  6. There was left over cauliflower puree that was served again with dinner the next night. I LOVE this aspect of the family meal – when a food is served from the middle of the table it isn’t contaminated from being on someone’s plate so the leftovers are completely usable and our waste is reduced (along with overwhelm for the kids).

5 Ingredient Dinner Challenge

This is the second blog post in our 5 ingredient dinner challenge (scroll to the bottom for the links to the other recipes when they are available) – get your free 5-Ingredient-Dinner-Challenge-1.pdf PDF to play along and see how many of our recipes that you can make! All of the recipes have been contributed to the blog by my readers. I am adding in my tips for serving along the way too.

5 ingredient dinner challenge for #pickyeaters by Play with

Breakfast “Dry Dip” Ideas

  1. Sesame seeds to roll pieces of banana through
  2. Chia seeds to sprinkle onto weet-bix / cereal or porridge
  3. Sunflower seeds to poke into strawberries to make your own “echidnas”.
  4. Crushed up granola / muesli to dip a spoon of nut butter or thick yoghurt into
  5. Toast some oats with a tiny bit of coconut oil and cinnamon in a non-stick fry pan and sprinkle these onto pancakes, yoghurt or fruit slices
  6. Desiccated coconut is perfect to roll pineapple chunks in or a range of breakfast bliss balls

Lunch/Dinner “Dry Dip” Ideas

  1. Dukkah sprinkles vibrantly onto chicken, fish or potato
  2. Crushed peanuts to dip chicken skewers into
  3. Dry parsley to sprinkle onto garlic bread, baked potato or cheese pizza.
  4. Grate same sweet potato and spread it thinly on a baking tray with a light spray of olive oil. Bake this in a moderate oven to make crispy flakes in about 15 mins. These go nicely inside home made sushi, on burgers or to dip broccoli florets into.
  5. Crunchy noodles go nicely with shredded wombok, shredded chicken and a host of other salad ideas.
  6. Crush up some poppadoms for lamb cutlets to be dipped into and a curry sauce.


Do you have any family favourite “dry dip” ideas?


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