Pineapple Crumble Slice by Play with Food

Pineapple Crumble Slice

Updated in 2019.

This is my version of a Pineapple Crumble Slice. What I have done is made some substitutions to turn it into a family friendly morning tea or afternoon snack. Why make the substitutions? I think that if I can replicate the mouth feel, texture, smell and flavour of a conventional recipe using some ingredients that will give my family a nutritonal bonus, why not? If however, your child is new to making changes to recipes, go easy on the changes. In this instance my tips is to cut white flour by a third to replace with a wholemeal or spelt flour. I usually suggest cutting down sugar by a third too at first before going to far. Scroll down for the recipe that already has reduced sugar and increased wholegrains. Or read now about substitutions you can make to recipes to make your baking healthier without compromising flavour & mouthfeel.

Pineapple Crumble Slice

What substitutions can you make for ingredients when it comes to family baking?

So, my plan was to create an awesome infographic on how to bake healthier for your family with this post.  Many of my recipes that I put on the blog and test with my family come about from inspiration I see online.   Some of my favourite examples of where I have substituted in some wholegrains to baking are my soft molasses cookies & the caramelised banana loaf.

However, I thought to my time-poor self – SOMEBODY has had to of made this infographic before, right?  and OH YEAH!  They are everywhere.  Here is one that I loved the most by (original link)

Image Source: | Healthy Baking Substitution Infographic

This brings me to today’s recipe.  A beautiful pineapple crumble slice that I made with reduced sugar oil and added in some wholemeal flour goodness.  The original recipe was by Averie Cooks for Tropical Escape Soft Pineapple Crumble Bars . And I TOTALLY agree with Averie & her praise of the pineapple & vanilla combination – it really works well.Pineapple Crumble Slice | Play with Food


In our Play with Food fruit and vegetable experiences we have enjoyed fresh pineapple cut up simply in verticle wedges.  The kids really get a kick out of exporing the spiky skin and seeing how it is sweeter at one end than the other.

I used this base recipe was used to make these chocolate cherry bars too.


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  1. Love that this is a healthier version of a very delicious slice. It sounds so quick and easy too! I have made an apple slice with sour cream before but never pineapple – I love it!!! Thank you for linking up with our Fabulous Foodie Fridays party! xx

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