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Play with Food Class Schedule

Parents / Carers must attend the classes with the child. (Scroll down for class descriptions).

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Class Descriptions

Our signature program is “Breaking Down Barriers to Eating Through Play“.  This program is an journey for parents and children wanting to have some fun and learn about how to get to happy family meals.  The program is a unique blend of fun activities and feeding therapy concepts for either toddlers or preschoolers.  This program is perfect for fussy eaters (picky eaters), children with a fruit and/or vegetable aversion, parents wanting to know more about why their children’s eating behaviour is the way it is, children on the autism spectrum that want to participate in a group food class and any child that may want some extra exposures to foods.  Our routine includes gross motor exercises, songs, theme setting, sensory exploration, preparing to eat, play with food activities, clean-up time and end of class routines. Classes go for 45 min.  All the routines are directly transferable to the home environment and a workbook is provided to parents so that they can do just that.

We also offer online programs to explain the unique Play with Food routines to parents that are still interested in implementing these for themselves – perfect if you do not live locally OR you can’t make our scheduled classes.

More information and videos of what happens in class can be found here.

Babies and Food Workshop is designed to help parents on their journey past the initial stages of introducing solids. More than just a starting solids workshop, this program aims to inspire, inform and have fun with parents as they learn more about what will help them and their baby head towards confident family meals.   Check out what is happening in more detail via this page dedicated to the workshop.  This program is offered via Skype too – check the timetable to see if that suits you better!

Food Explorers is our 6-9 year old workshop and includes a bonus follow-up online component for parents.  Parents and their primary schoolers attend the 1.5 hr workshop together.  We do a more “sophisticated” sensory session, get hands on with some lunchbox preparations and talk about the meal occasions of afternoon tea and dinner. Here is more information about the Food Explorer workshop.


Contact Simone for more information if you have a group of 4 or more children interested in a tailor made workshop or lesson program. We can come to you in the Sydney area.

Or Simone will happily host an online Play with Food morning tea session for you via Skype. Cost is $40 for 20 min Skype play + 10 min phone call afterwards for debrief. Available on Mondays, Tuesdays or Fridays.  Email or phone Simone to arrange this.






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