Pears have inspired this week’s play, reading and food.  I see a very positive and healthy link between play and food.  I love introducing themes and concepts to my classes and my family and see where the children then take them.  Play matters on so many levels for children.  Play is how they learn about and WITHIN the world. Play teaches them.  Play teaches me.

This is how we played with pear this week!

Pear Kids Books

Reading: We opted for The Pear in the Pear Tree by Pamela Allen


Crafting: Click on this thumbnail at the bottom of the page to print up your own copy of these pears.  Paint, colour-in or collage them with you kids.  Once they are dry you can punch holes, tie strings and make your very own pear trees in your back yard.  You can then problem solve how to get the pears down or have a fun game of hide and seek with them.

Pear Craft for Toddlers and Preschoolers by Play with Food

Cooking with Kids: We opted for this pear, rosemary and sultana cake.  Or you can try these pear flapjacks or these pears baked in filo pastry.

Pear Sultana Rosemary Cake by Play with Food - Italian inspired cake perfect for Afternoon Tea

If you would like to see some research behind why play and mess are important for children learning to eat and fussy eaters, please read this blog post here.  Otherwise this post has another few ideas about how to play with food away from mealtimes.

Pear Play Printable

Do you have a favourite fruit or vegetable to craft with?  You can see some of the other fun #creativeplaywithfood we are doing over on instagram – I am at @playwithfood_au and my insta buddy Shannon is @ohcreativeday.  Use the hashtag in your creations too.

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