Primary School Age

I work with primary school aged children up to the age of approximately 11 years. Play with Foods’ signature program for this age group is a series of peer group therapy meals as part of the Online Sensory Food School. This is run every 2-3 months based on forming a group of peers. We use a play-based investigation of foods together to introduce a range of strategies to children to help them try foods with their own motivation. Online sessions are also possible one-on-one. Alternatively, I run parent telehealth sessions where we focus on mealtime dynamics and meal planning in a way that is tailored for you. Meal dynamics support and collaborating on effective meal planning needs support that is not a cookie-cutter approach.

Whilst deciding if working with me is the right course of action for you, some of my articles or recipes may interest you and help you understand more about my responsive approach to mealtime assistance.

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