Allergy Free Afternoon Tea - Hard Copy Recipe Book

Hard Copy – Allergy Free Afternoon Tea


Afternoons can be a tricky time with children at your feet and a meal to get on the table. However, is afternoon tea as an after-thought really after trouble? We delve into the entire afternoon meal schedule and look at making allergy friendly snack options that prevent the hangries and result in making more time for your happy family mealtimes.

This is a collaborative work by Simone Emery (from Play with Food) and Ruth Meaney (from Peafritters). Simone works with a range of fussy eaters to complex problem feeders and knows the importance of re-framing how we see our afternoons with respect to preparing for mealtimes. Ruth has two children with allergies and has developed some amazing recipes and insights about allergies for families to help build their confidence around feeding their families.

The combination of their experiences flows into an easy to read book studded with parent hacks to make feeding kids easier. The aim for us all is to have happy mealtimes…. and afternoon tea is a great place to focus for some quick runs on the board.


Ruth Meaney and Simone Emery joined mummy-forces to bring you a allergy recipe book all about surviving the afternoons with kids in order to wind up at a happy dinner time. Based on Simone’s children feeding specialty and Ruth’s experiences as an allergy-mum, this book is for the allergy families and those that are connected to allergy families. Did you know that 1 in 10 children in Australia has a food allergy? We all need to be #allergyaware and knowing how to make allergy friendly food is so important.

Allergy free recipes, feeding theory (put into relatable and practical bursts) and multiple parent hacks combine to make this a non-stop “aha moment” book from cover to cover. It is 32 pages and includes 10 allergy friendly recipes and so much inspiration.

Purchasing this book also INCLUDES postage to Australia AND an immediate electronic book download.  It is available in AUSTRALIA only due to postage expense (please see Electronic Copy for all international orders)

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