Babies and Food Online Master Class


Boost your feeding confidence!

This online course will inspire you and have thinking about how interrelated the world of food is for babies and their everyday learning. Food learning opportunities go beyond the meal table. Be prepared to get messy as children learn so much about their foods by touching, smelling, licking (tasting), hearing and looking. You get lots of ah-ha moments and actionable tips in an easy to access format. Leave overwhelm behind and get the right tools in your parenting toolbox.

The Babies and Food Master Class Covers:

Video 1: An overview of the first two years of food

Video 2: When to start solids

Video 3: How to progress through different stages of foods

Video 2: What types of solids can baby start on

Video 2: Current guidelines on allergies and infant feeding

Video 3: Problems related to feeding & fussy eating

Video 3: Behaviours at mealtimes

Workbook: Recipe ideas and an exercise for you to challenge your food perceptions

Workbook: Ergonomics for a happy feeder

Workbook: Drinking from a cup

Workbook: Who can help you – more information about the who’s who of feeding health professionals.


Comprehensive handbook with recipes that compliments 3 easy to watch videos.


You can also purchase a 30 min Skype consult add-on. Its a chance for Simone Emery to chat to you one-on-one about your concerns or observe a mealtime at your place via the video application.



Is your baby starting solids? Have you started and are feeling a bit … stuck? Are you feeling a little low on confidence? Are you a tad unsure about the latest advice on allergies, nutrition and types of foods to offer? (Let alone, when to offer them!) If you want to also learn about what to expect in the first 2 years of food and getting the right tools on board to understand / prevent fussy eating – this is the place for you. Whether it’s your first baby, second, third, fourth etc… this course includes latest information in a way that resonates with real-life mums!

Join Simone Emery (kids feeding specialist & mum of 2) for a deep dive into the first two years of feeding babies. This master class includes a workbook and 3 short videos – because some of us definitely know what it’s like to have cat nappers! The printable workbook also includes recipes.

This master class is designed to boost your confidence from baby starting solids through to refining their eating skills to 2 years. Β Did you know that skill development continues for years after they start solids? Starting solids is one thing, continuing them is another! Back yourself with recipes, ideas and understanding of why fussy periods can occur for babies & toddlers.


Your access to the course includes an extra freebie – an eBook all about play ideas including food to help your child build a wide array of sensory skills that are beneficial for everyday living functional goals as well as eating too. Β Eating is a multi-sensory experience and the hardest thing babies need to learn. Building sensory resilience is so important for their ongoing confidence levels.

Extra Cheerleading Required?

If you feel you need some extra observations and assistance, upgrade to the Skype Consult option and Simone will arrange a time for a 30 min Skype call with you.

What else can I try?

This feeding babies master class is aimed at helping parents of children between 0 and 2. If your toddler is a fussy eater, this can still assist (especially if another baby is on its way to your family), however, you may find Meg McClintock and Simone Emery’s feeding toddlers video & bonus bundle appropriate too.



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30 min Skype Consult Add-On $40

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