eBook | Afternoon Tea: The Next Most Important Meal of the Day

Is afternoon snack as an after-thought really after trouble?

Recipes, parenting hacks, understanding the “hangries”, options for handling afternoon tea (afternoon snack) on the run and more are all covered in this book.

A great list of meal ideas to make your afternoons with kids hum. Whether you are on-the-go or wrangling homework or surviving witching hour, this book has tips and ideas for you to make it to dinner with a smile on your dial.



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Afternoon snack is known in Australia fondly as Afternoon Tea. And I think it is important! It sets up the framework for dinner time.  This eBook covers why the rhythm of your afternoon, set by the afternoon snack, is hugely important for families. Especially in families where dinner battles are occurring. This book presents parent hacks to get you through the afternoon and smoothly sail into the evening meal.

This is the purchase option for the electronic copy of the book. It is downloadable immediately on purchase within the receipt.

Bonus eBook – Witching Hour Friendly Recipes – Meals that free you up in the late afternoons. If you are juggling kids at different ages and find getting anything cooked during the cranky-late-afternoon-hours seems impossible, this freebie is for you.

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