Allergy Free Afternoon Tea eBook - Recipes and Hacks for Feeding Kids

Electronic Copy – Allergy Free Afternoon Tea


Allergies impact every food choice that an allergy parent has to make. They take a remarkable road to understanding the food world as they advocate for their child. It’s not easy, however, some ideas in this book will help reframe allergy friendly afternoon teas to be confidence-boosting delicious fun for your family.

  1. 10 Allergy Friendly Recipes
  2. Feeding Theory (presented in interesting bursts of relatable information)
  3. Parent Hacks and Simple Go-To Lists
  4. Handling the “Hangries”
  5. Handling food when you are on the go
  6. The 2 Hour Rule
  7. Kids in the Kitchen
  8. Inspiration for Still Having Fun with Food Allergies
  9. Food Anxiety and Fussy Eating Behaviours

Perfect for an allergy family or a family that knows an allergy family for increasing their awareness. Also great for fussy eaters and busy families in general.


Allergy Free Afternoon Tea is written by Simone Emery and Ruth Meaney. Simone is a kids feeding specialist and family food blogger. Ruth is an allergy mum and recipe developer.

“We came together to highlight the journey that allergy parents take. We want to give them simple food ideas for their families and give them the information to make food-life more fun (whilst nutritious). You can still have fun with food AND live with food allergies!”

This 32-page book is crammed with feeding information and opportunities to re-frame the way you think about afternoon tea. This is not to mention, lots of inspiration for delicious fun with your children. There are 10 allergy-friendly recipes. 10 EASY recipes to change your afternoons.

Available worldwide for immediate download!

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