Feeding Toddlers: Parent Hacks, Strategies and Professional Advice


Toddlerhood is a busy time for little kids.
We will be covering:

  • Toddler Nutritional Requirements
  • Fussy Eating Root Causes for Toddlers
  • Family Mealtime Stress Reduction Strategies
  • Winning Dinner Recipe Ideas


A one hour video all about feeding toddlers hosted by Simone Emery (SOS Feeding Therapy) from Play with Food and Meg McClintock (Accredited Practicing Dietitian) from Choose Nutrition.

Simone is a mum of 2 girls and Meg has 3 boys.  They are living the daily grind … no, umm… joy? … not always… but they are definitely living somewhere-in-between-grind-and-joy of feeding their kids and have accumulated their work and mummy experience with numerous toddlers to bring you this presentation.

We cover a range of issues that revolve around the responsibilities, routines and roles that enable happy mealtimes with toddlers.  These strategies help them learn about new foods along the way.  We also cover dietary recommendations and include a bonus eCook Book for you.

You will have lifetime access to the video too.  It can be paused, rewound and rewatched to your heart’s content.  Our hope is that you pick out one or two actions to take on board immediately and then come back for more. Please note that the strategies we will be discussing are very relevant to little girls too – feel free to purchase the video content if you have girls.  Through our collective experience we have noticed a greater request from parents for the strategies we cover to stop mealtime tantrums, food throwing and increase attention span at the table for boys between 1 – 3 years than other demographics – hence the title of this video program.

After purchase, please check your inbox for the email containing the web link – we’d hate it to go to spam even though we try not to let that happen.

Simone and Meg

PS. This video was originally titled “feeding toddler boys”, yet, we’ve updated the title because the video truly applies to all toddlers.  Some just like to run, tantrum and display their dislike of foods more overtly. 🙂

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