Fussy Eater Meal Planning {Parent Package}


The 6 week fussy eater meal planning support program is ideal for you if….

  1. You are wanting to understand more about your child’s fussy eating
  2. You’ve hit a rut with what to offer them next
  3. You would like an experienced feeding professional to assist you with menu plans
  4. You want to assist your child generalise feeding strategies to your home environment, if they’ve participated in feeding therapy in the past.
  5. You want to plan meals that work for your unique circumstances
  6. You want to move towards having one meal for the whole family

You get:

  • 6 x 30 min telehealth sessions with Simone to go through the fundamentals of meal planning for families with a range of dietary needs / preferences
  • Email feedback on using Simone’s unique meal planning tool (specifically designed for families with fussy eaters)
  • Recipe ideas
  • Accountability for taking some small steps
  • To ditch overwhelm and make something that works for you

Design your mealtimes so that your family can stress less!

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A 6 week one-on-one telehealth (Zoom) sessions with parents. We work to specifically understand your unique meal planning requirements – no family is the same! You get a 30-min online session each week with Simone and constant email support. Design your pathway to less-stress mealtimes that suit your family.

Next Sessions Available: Wednesday 16 March, 2022, 8pm & 8:40pm 


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